Huawei increases the warranty of your mobile by the coronavirus

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Huawei increases the warranty of your mobile by the coronavirus 1

In these days of crisis, many companies are taking extraordinary measures. Many companies give content to stay at home more entertaining, the video grow to a level of exponential, the video vendors like Netflix or YouTube are forced to relax the quality of your streaming, and many more stories.

A problem that many are grappling with is what do I do now if I break the smartphone? What if I am out of warranty and it expires while we stay at home? What can I do in this extraordinary situation? Xiaomi had clear, sending someone to repair your mobile home, in the case of Huawei, the decision has been different.

Huawei extends the term of the warranty for you to stay at home

When the mobile that we purchased is under warranty, the store or manufacturer should take care of those breakdowns which are the result of a manufacturing defect. The minimum period by law is two years, although the manufacturers can offer extended warranties, whether for products of better category or even as value added.

When a product fails, we have as an option, take it to a shop, send it to the manufacturer, or we pick you up at home. As in these days it is important not to go out unless strictly necessary, you can arise the doubt. What if I run out of warranty during the quarantine?

To avoid this problem, Huawei has taken the option of extend the warranty of your mobile that they were to remain without this in the coming mobile. If your warranty had just, between 15 march and 14 June 2020, you will receive a warning like the one that has received Javier Manzorro on Twitter (thanks for the alert!), and your mobile phone will increase your warranty up to June 15, 2020, date for which we hope that you are all fixed.

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This movement comes at a key point, and is that right now Huawei must prove that it is a brand you can trust. Extend the warranty to avoid going out to leave our mobile phones is something that should make every manufacturer in these moments, although it is also true that if we breakdown the mobile that we want will be to have it fixed already.

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