Huawei grows with Harmony OS: 100 million devices in 2021

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Despite its loss of Google services in Spain, Huawei continues to be one of the most powerful technology companies in many of its business areas, be it due to its mobile phones that already have their own ecosystem of mobile services, their smart watches , audio devices or laptops.

One of the company’s most ambitious proposals is Harmony OS, a system that aspires to work on almost any smart device thanks to its modular core, which takes only what each system needs and that according to Huawei itself, will have a large deployment during 2021.

100 million devices and 40 brands in 2021: is Huawei too optimistic?

Harmony OS is one of the developments in which Huawei is investing with increasing force, and it is that after Donald Trump’s veto of the company, it has decided that its survival depends as little as possible on third-party decisions, betting on a own development.

Huawei grows with Harmony OS: 100 million devices in 2021 1

Huawei’s ambition is not small, and it is that with Harmony OS they do not only intend to create a system for their mobiles, but for any connected device, be it a mobile, smart watch or anyone belonging to the internet of things. The development of the ecosystem is not exclusive to Huawei, since any manufacturer will be able to adopt Harmony OS in their developments.

According to Yang Haisong, vice president of software at Huawei, the forecast for 2021 is tremendously optimistic, and according to him, they expect Harmony OS to be availableon more than 100 million devices. In these figures they expect there to be more than 40 brands that use the system beyond Huawei.

Huawei grows with Harmony OS: 100 million devices in 2021 2

While the numbers seem manageable based on the devices selling or upgrading to Harmony OS, they are perhaps overly optimistic. The public beta of Harmony OS 2.0 was released a few days ago, and although it seems to be fully functional, it seems that to a large extent it seems to be based on Android, something that given the announcements that Huawei has been making could be considered disappointing.

Regardless, Harmony OS is a system that continues to hold our attention, and we will continue to closely monitor its progress.

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