Huawei expects to offer Google apps on Huawei App Gallery

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Since the u.s. government included Huawei in the list of entities in may 2019, the new handsets of the company have been launched without Google services, including Google Play. Include in its place HMS and Huawei App Galleryyour own shop in which missing many applications popular, including all Google applications.

In a few statements to CNBNCEric Xu, chairman rotary of Huawei, has stated that they would like that Google applications were available on the Huawei App Gallerysimilarly, as they are also in the Apple store.

What Google applications in the App Gallery?


The inclusion of Huawei in the list of entities has unleashed a domino effect, to prohibit american firms doing business with the conglomerate chinese. That prevents Google to certify new devicesand the devices no certify we are therefore without Services and applications from Google.

Huawei is working against the clock to impersonate Google services with your own, Huawei Mobile Servicesin addition to various initiatives to attract developers to its ecosystem, but the approach has a major problem in the west: many of the most popular applications of Android are Googleand the vast majority of them do not work without the Google services.

Huawei has tested several strategies, including App Searchto facilitate the installation of applications that are not in your store, but all of them are confronted with the same problem: Google applications are still not working not to be that services are installed unofficiallysomething that Google considers risky.

The statements of Eric Xu do not let be a simple desire. At the end of the day, to day of today, Google does not have a single App in the App Gallery. However, recently they went up two of their apps to the store of Samsung and Google has expressed its intention of want to go back to work with Huawei.

Publish the Google apps in App Gallery would be tricky, but not technically impossible. The own Eric Xu mentioned the App Store as an examplewhere the applications of Google are available on a different operating system and without Google services. Now, it remains to be seen if Google is interested in bringing out the required changes, which are proving quite extensive. Another important issue would be to evaluate whether it would be legally possible.

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Huawei expects to offer Google apps on Huawei App Gallery

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