Huawei CEO denies sale of mobile division and talks about Biden, US and iPhone 12

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Huawei has lost great impact in Spain since its mobile division was left without access to Google services due to the veto of the Trump administration. The change in the US government left us with doubts about what would happen with such a veto. Would the Biden administration keep it, or would it stick with the decision of its predecessor?

Although at first it seems that they are willing to review the case, at the moment they do not find reasons to reverse the situation, although it is not definitive yet. However, the CEO of Huawei is willing to negotiate.

Huawei’s CEO is willing to take a call from Biden

Ren Zhengfei, founder and current CEO of Huawei has appeared publicly at a press conference for the first time in almost a year. In it, he has acknowledged that his company does not have the energy to deal in politics, and that they only strive to create good products. The CEO acknowledges that getting off the US blacklist will be extremely difficult, but that they do not plan to sell their mobile division and that he is willing to receive a direct phone call from Biden.

On the United States, Ren admits that collaboration with Huawei benefits both parties, arguing that“If production capacity expands, American companies could sell more”. Under this statement, it indicates that the company hopes to be able to buy a lot of components and equipment from US companies, which would help both economies.

Huawei CEO denies sale of mobile division and talks about Biden, US and iPhone 12 1

In the interview, he also took the opportunity to praise Apple, and it is that the CEO of Huawei has recognized that he considers the iPhone 12 as the best smartphone in the world, also indicating that its popularity in Europe and its good performance is helping to validate the quality of the Huawei’s 5G networks.

In statements by Huawei to El Androide Libre, the political decisions of the US government will not have an impact on the course set by the companyWhatever happens, it will continue to bet on its own ecosystem in terms of operating systems and mobile services, being open to collaborating again with US companies but reducing its dependence on them as much as possible.

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