Huawei aims high with Harmony OS: 300 million devices this year

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Harmony OS

Harmony OS is Huawei’s own operating system, which was launched at the end of last year in beta form for some of its phones and which we hope will officially arrive in Spain this year. It is expected that this year when the first devices that use it natively hit the market officially.

Already in December there was talk that in 2021 some 100 million devices would use Harmony OS, a figure that many saw as unrealistic. It seems that the brand has high hopes for this system, because Huawei expects to actually see 300 million devices in 2021 using this system.

Harmony OS on 300 million devices

Harmony OS

Wang Chenglu, head of software for Huawei’s consumer enterprise software department, has provided new information about the firm’s plans with this operating system. One of the most important aspects of Harmony OS is that it has been designed to be used on all types of devices, from smartphones to Internet of Things devices.

The fall in sales of smartphones, but the increase in sales in related devices (such as wearables or smart home devices), one of the main problems is that each device uses different software. Huawei seeks to solve this problem with its operating system, by using it on all these devices.

Because of this, Huawei expects that in 2021 Harmony OS is used on about 300 million devices. Some 200 million would be the brand’s own devices, but as Huawei will also give it to other brands, they believe that about 100 million devices will come from third-party brands that use this operating system. Although at the moment it is unknown what other brands will use it on their devices.

Using Harmony OS on a wide variety of devices works in Huawei’s favor, although 300 million devices seems an unrealistic figure. Meanwhile we hope that the first mobile phones of the brand with this operating system will be launched soon.

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