Huami becomes Zepp Health: name change to be more international

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Huami becomes Zepp Health: name change to be more international 1

Huami is a brand that probably sounds to many people in Spain. It is the brand behind Amazfit watches and wearables, a popular choice among consumers in Spain. Last year they changed the name of their app, along with its design, to be called Zepp and now it is the company that also changes its name: Zepp Health is the chosen one.

The name change marks the beginning of a new phase for the company. They have announced this name change claiming that Zepp Health is a name that is easy to remember, in addition to transcending languages, cultures or borders. This will help the firm to be more international.

Zepp Health: Huami changes his name

Huami becomes Zepp Health: name change to be more international 2

Huami is officially renamed Zepp Health. It must be remembered that the company has used the Zepp name in its app for a long time, as well as in some products, especially in its more advanced watches. The firm seeks with this change to emphasize in the use of technology to measure biometrics and make a series of recommendations that help improve the health of users.

The company has been investing in improve the technological aspect of your devices using biometric sensors, more precise algorithms and processors that have artificial intelligence. This is something that will help create better devices, which contribute to better control of the user’s physical activity and health.

“Our mission has been to connect health with technology”, has explained thepresident and CEO of the company, Wang Huang. “I believe that the marriage of technology and health represents a great opportunity for us to use all our experience in precision sensors, biometrics, artificial intelligence chips and engineering for data analysis applied to health monitoring. The repositioning of the company and name change to Zepp Health is more in line with our mission: to solve the biggest challenges facing the healthcare technology industry «,has indicated.

The name change will be carried out gradually, according to this statement from the firm. It is expected that throughout this year the Zepp Health corporate website will be officially launched, still without specific dates, in addition to the new logo of the firm, which has not been revealed for the moment.

The Huami entry becomes Zepp Health: name change to be more international appears first in The Free Android.