How you can organize the chats folder in Telegram

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Table of Contents

It is a feature that just launched a few days ago the latest update of the app, which comes to enlarge the wide range of tasks that we can perform within a Telegram, which is already saying a lot. In fact, we will show you how to have well divided the folders so that there is an order in our chats.

Why should I organize my chats?

It is something that seems very necessary, since they will almost always queen the desordenen Telegram, soliendo have a mix of groups, chats, individual, channels, bots, that causes an immense accumulation of open conversations. In this way, we will have all top-ranked to give higher preference to the chats that we consider important, which tend to be groups with friends or family and private chats.


However, there is no need to do so that only way, since we can classify folders as you want, with a capacity of up to 100 chats. In fact, it is possible to combine any element in each section or folder, including private chats with bots, and channels, for example.

How to organize the folders

When we are in the app of Telegram, we access the sidebar using the icon with three horizontal stripes or sliding to the right. We head to the “Settings”, and in that menu, exactly, is a little further down, we find the section “Folders”.create folders in telegram

Once there, we can now add new folders, though before that the app suggests to us folders recommended with chats already introduced. If we want to select ourselves the distribution of chats, click on “Create new folder”, and then give you the “Add Chats”. Also “Delete chat” if we want to leave out any conversation, to look for greater accessibility.añadri chats to folders telegram

Telegram difference between various types of elements, such as those mentioned above and even more, such as Saved Messages or contacts that don’t have added in the agenda. Once you have selected the chats that we will introduce in the folder, it only remains to give it a name and save the task performed. When we return to the main menu of the Telegram, we see on one side the folders you created, and on the other, the rest of the conversations that we have not included, leaving the whole interface much more tidy.