How to watch videos without internet on Android with 4K Video Downloader

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Although we always appeal to legality and take into account Google has been making it clear for some time that it does not want us to continue downloading content from its free streaming video platform, it is no less true that there are several options to watch videos offline and not have to pay a subscription service. And we are going to try one of them that is very interesting.

Use the 4K Video Downloader tool

Say that, although one of its main uses is to download YouTube videos, it also it is compatible with other platforms as popular as Facebook Twitch or even TikTok. The main features of 4K Video Downloader leave some very prominent elements to comment on.

It has great compatibility with the main formats, since you can download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram Daily Motion, TikTok, among other platforms. It also allows you to download 360º videos to use them with VR glasses, although its breadth is such that you can download the videos in the format you want.

With this tool we have total freedom of content worldwide, since there are no geographical restrictions when using the proxy function of the application. You can also download private videos that you have access to on YouTube so that you can watch them on your device whenever you want.

In 4K Video Downloader they have implemented a function that you will not find in the competition: download all videos in the playlist in order and with one click. When you copy the web address of the list, it will offer you the option to do so and soon you will have all the files on your hard drive, and in the same order.

But 4K Video Downloader it is much more than this and has several subscription services that add many improvementsFrom downloading playlists as we have already mentioned or allowing simultaneous downloads to importing videos with the highest resolution and sound quality possible.

How to watch videos offline from Android

To say that, This is a paid application, but you can make 30 downloads a day for free, more than enough for the vast majority of users. So, let’s see the steps to follow. The first thing you should do is download the app through this link. It is the official website of 4K Video Downloader so you do not have to worry about possible viruses or malware when downloading this app.

offline videos 4k video downloader

Once you have downloaded the application, open it. You will see that, when you copy a link from YouTube, the option to download it using this program appears directly. What if, 4K Video Downloader It is in Spanish, so that its use is more intuitive and easy.

In short, we copy the link from the video on YouTube (or the platform of your choice) and go to the application. Once there, click on ” Paste Link ” and the video will automatically appear for download. Now, you just have to give to download and wait for a window like the one in the image that heads these lines to appear. Likewise, you can adjust both the format and the quality of the videos in advance in the settings gear.

4k video downloader android settings

The process is quite fast, and exactly the same if you want to download a playlist. So, without a doubt we are facing one of the best applications to download YouTube lists in a comfortable way.

Download 4K Video Downloader on your Android

Like any self-respecting app outside of Google Play domains, the modus operandi is the same as any other app outside of the official store. Of course, it does not carry any risk, since the link comes from the official website of this tool, without external pages involved. In this way, and so that everything is more outlined, we must do the following to install this

  • Enter the 4K Video Downloader website so you can download the APK.
  • Once there, in the first section select ” Android offline installer ” and click on <>
  • You will see that it starts downloading an external executable file for Android.
  • In case you have not done something similar so far, remember that you must activate the option “Unknown sources” so that the system allows the installation of the executable.
  • When finished, a pop-up window will appear to install the application.
  • From there, everything will be ready. The app will be placed on the desktop of the terminal or in the application box, so that it would only be necessary to use this useful tool.