How to watch TV on Android: the total guide

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A TV broadcasting on an Android device /

Android mobile phones and tablets are perfect devices to watch TV on them over the Internet. There is a wide variety of apps that are capable of offering the broadcasts of channels from all over the world in streaming. There are also applications that allow you to import lists of IPTV channels and even platforms specialized in exclusive movies and series. Whichever mode you choose, surely there is an app for you and most importantly, free. That is why we have created this list as complete as possible of Android apps with which to take advantage of your leisure time.

11 apps (that work) to watch TV, movies and series on Android

We have to warn you: the volatility of Android apps that promise to watch TV is terrible, caused in many cases by the violation of copyright by broadcasting streams without the corresponding permissions. Over time, hundreds of apps of a similar nature have appeared (and disappeared), so it is useless to recommend something that does not work. The alternatives in this list have been tested one by one and they work under the conditions that we detail in each case until further notice. If your favorite app is not here, tell us about it in the comments or on our social networks and we will see if we have screwed up.


Some M3U lists on Wiseplay /

Wiseplay is another classic video player both stored in memory and coming from M3U lists. To use it to watch TV, therefore, you will have to first have a list of channels that you must search on the Internet, to be able to be updated. Once you have imported these lists, you will have access to the list of channels they include, so make sure it contains the channels you really want to see.


MX Player

MX Player requires imported channel lists /

Another local video player compatible with multiple file formats and also with the list format that we are always looking for when it comes to watching TV on Android. This one is much simpler and more rudimentary, it has the right options to enter the address of the lists or to navigate through the system in search of the videos you already have. As in Wiseplay, if you want to watch TV with MX Player you will have to earn a few list links on the Internet.

MX player1.39.14


Addons lists on Kodi for Android /

The version of the most popular media center can be a perfect option for watching TV and taking advantage of the other functions it offers. For what we are interested in, which is watching TV, you will have to install the app and also a few addons, name given to the add-ons or extensions that extend the functionality of the app.



VLC can play online streams /

It is impossible to make a list like this one that includes several apps capable of streaming TV and not including VLC, the Android version of the most acclaimed multimedia player. As such, you will not directly find television streams to watch, but among its functions is to work with channel lists to watch TV online, so you have all its capacity at your fingertips in these matters as well.


IPTV Player Latino

IPTV Player Latino works with channel lists /

Another app to work with channel lists, quite simple and functional. All you have to do is add the links, there is no major complication, using the side menu. Once done, you will have the list of channels that you can view in the form of a list or in the form of a grid. From there to enjoy.

IPTV Player Latino1.8


KEPLER tvip offers TV and also series and movies /

This is not that it has a very refined design, but it does have a few channel lists IPTV among which to navigate to find all kinds of channels. It also offers thematic channels of uninterrupted programming, a section for adults and films and series of all types and conditions.

KEPLER Tvip9.6


Channels and general stations in TDTChannels /

Most likely DTT Channels is one of the best alternatives on this list. Is a one of the most complete when it comes to collecting channels from all over Spain, which shows organized in general, informative, sports, children’s, children’s or by autonomous communities. To all this you have to add channels from all continents. You will almost always be able to choose between multiple streaming signals and you will see virtually no advertising. To top it off, there is a radio station section. To put a but, the available channels are open and free, so you will not see content from paid platforms.



Part of the SplikTV offer /

It is one of the latest apps to appear and although to tell the truth it is not that it offers many channels (it does not have a specific section for Spain) it does offer interesting options in certain Spanish-speaking countries and in its offer of sports or cultural channels. Best of all is its design, careful and simple. At the beginning you will have to take a detour following the instructions, but it is worth it … at least until it stops working.


RTVE, Mitele and AtresPlayer

You don’t always want an endless stream of TV channels in hundreds of different languages ​​and movies down a tube. If this is your case and general TV is enough for you, you have the official apps that will always be the most comfortable and easy way for the user to watch TV. You can only see what the house channels are broadcasting at any given time, although in many cases there is an option to watch TV on demand.

Official apps of Spanish channels /

RTVE includes the corporation’s channels, such as La 1, La 2 or Teledeporte, in addition to channels with children’s programming. As is the general rule, certain content is not broadcast in the app due to problems with broadcasting rights on this platform. The MediaSet group’s app includes Tele 5, Cuatro or FDF among other channels. The Atresplayer option, as you can imagine, offers Antena 3, La Sexta Nova or Neox.

RTVE Play4.1.8My TV5.6.32


Apps to watch TV on Android for free

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of Android apps that allow you to watch TV and any other multimedia content in streaming. Periodically the offer is renewed, some stop working, others appear … It is not easy to keep track of all your options but luckily you have our selection with the best apps to watch TV for free on Android, where you can see absolutely all of them. If you have not been convinced by any of the ones we have cited in this article, perhaps the option you are looking for and that best suits you is among all those available, take a look!

How to watch TV on Android: the total guide 1