How to watch Formula 1 in Spain and legally

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Table of Contents

Formula 1 is the biggest car competition in the world, there is no doubt about that. Although it is overshadowed by football or basketball, it is one of the most followed sports, also in Spain. The television offer is limited in the country, only with Movistar F1 as the sole owner of the rights. Although there is an alternative, and that is to see F1 TV Pro through your app.

Even more so when we have iconic references of our country such as Fernando Alonso or Carlos Sainz Junior. This creates more incentives for Formula 1 to be followed more closely, and for that we have this platform that serves as an alternative to Movistar.

Why isn’t F1 TV Pro in Spain?

The reason is that this platform owned by Formula 1 is only seen in those countries where there is no broadcast exclusivity. In Spain, as in other countries, it has that exclusivity enjoyed by Movistar. The telecommunications company only acquires the broadcasting rights if it enjoys that exclusive access, something that is also of interest to the promoting organization.

That is why there is no possibility of seeing F1 either openly or by other means of payment, but that is not the real problem. And it is only accessible if we contract the Fusion and Motor packages, which are not cheap at all. That is, there is no way to purchase the package individually, so if we are not customers of the company, we are not at all interested in having to add telephone lines and Internet fiber.

How to watch F1 TV Pro legally

The advantage of following the competition on this platform is that it offers a service with an official signal and a quite cheap price, around 8 euros per month. A very interesting option despite not having comments in Spanish, although we do have cameras on board of cars and high quality resolution.

The disadvantage is that to enjoy this platform it is necessary to follow steps that not everyone understands, although we will try to explain it in the best way. However, it all comes down to using a VPN from another country:

  1. We install a VPN from the Play Store. We have chosen the app SurfShark VPNAlthough you can try other alternatives if one does not work. We enter the app and go to the “Locations” section to activate the VPN from the country where we are going to hire the service.surfshark vpn menu
  2. We access the Formula 1 TV website, by checking the drop-down menu to select the country from where we want to see the races.f1 tv pro countries
  3. Both the price and the language change according to the country, so we have chosen the nation of Chile for the retransmission in Spanish and for its economic fee.
  4. We register on the platform and sign up for the service, always with the VPN enabled from the same country.

f1 tv pro price

Other countries in which we can test, if for some reason it goes wrong with Chile, are Germany, France, Portugal or United States. All those countries also enjoy F1 TV Pro, so they can be an interesting alternative.