How to watch DTT for free on Android: the 5 best apps

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Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) is the TV signal transmission system that replaces the old analogue system with its consequent advantages: better use of the radioelectric spectrum, higher quality in the audio and video signal, lower emission costs, introduction of some interactive services … In Spain this is the system that has been used since April 2010, when it permanently replaced the previous analog broadcasting system. Today it is the way in which the TV signal reaches the majority of users, with the permission of the cable TV platforms or the streaming video platforms that are so fashionable.

DTT allows any home, with the proper installation, to receive the TV signal from the main general and open channels in our country, including local or territorial channels. Therefore, it is enough to tune the channels correctly to be able to enjoy them for free. However, what if we want to see DTT on Android?

Over time, hundreds, if not thousands of apps have emerged that allowed us to watch DTT on a mobile phone or tablet with this operating system. However, the market for this type of app changes constantly and honestly, fewer and fewer apps are available to do so: legal obstacles, no developer support, changes in consumer habits … There are many reasons why this type of tool is increasingly difficult to find. That is why we have prepared this small list of applications that will allow you to watch DTT on your Android with certain guarantees.


TDTChannels is without any discussion the best application existing today to watch DTT. This platform, developed by Marc Vila, allows you to tune into TV and radio broadcasts through the IPTV protocol. To achieve this, it uses M3U lists, which are nothing more than lists where TV channels that broadcast over the Internet compatible with a large number of players are compiled. In this case, the database is open source and collaborative accessible through GitHub, so it is the users themselves who add and keep the information up to date.

The truth is that it offers all the channels that we can see on traditional TV, and many more. Also included are regional broadcasts, local television channels, international channels and even radio stations. All perfectly organized and categorized under a more than worthy interface: if you have tried before to install an application of this type, you will know why I say it.

TDTChannels interface and gridTDTChannels interface and grid

Moving around the app and starting to watch TV is a very simple task. As soon as you install the app and open it, you will find directly the entire list of available channels. You simply have to click on the channel in question that interests you, you will reach the specific section of that channel where you can see the different stream options available and even the EPG guide of contents, which allows you to know what is broadcasting at all times and what will be broadcast next. After clicking on any of the options you can start enjoying the content.

Remember that TDTChannels works through lists that are accessible through the app, but that you can also download from its own website to use them in any other player compatible with the format, nowadays most multimedia players.

Official TV channel apps

Your second best alternative is to go directly to the official apps that the vast majority of general channels offer. RTVE, Antena 3 or the Mediaset group They have their own clients for mobile devices that will allow you to see the content on your Android from the different channels they have.

Apps of generalist DTT channelsApps of generalist DTT channels

The main obstacle here is the obvious one: you need a specific app for each of the channels or corporations, so it is not possible to have all the options in a unified way in a single interface, but you will have to switch between them to access their corresponding content. Also, not all channels have an app, so you have less offer than with TDTChannels. Even so, it is your second best option if you want to watch DTT on your mobile. Tap download and install all the clients separately.

You TV Player

From this point on, if the previous options do not convince you, your last chance goes through all those apps available to watch TV on Android. However, there are several things to keep in mind. In the first place, none is focused exclusively on DTT, but channels from this and from many other platforms and countries are intermingled with their corresponding language. The usual thing is that they offer a few DTT channels, not all.

You TV Player offers a good number of DTT channelsYou TV Player offers a good number of DTT channels

Among all the existing You TV Player is one of the most classic and of those that offer the most and best performance. Within its menu there is a section called Open TV where you can find many DTT channels whose broadcast works, because in this type of apps one thing is what they promise and another what they do.

If you want to better investigate this vast field of options, you can always stop by our article on the best Android apps to watch TV, where we review the content monthly to add new apps or remove those that stop working. If we recommend You TV Player it is for something, but we will not be the ones who prevent you from trying the rest of the similar apps available, to a greater or lesser extent they include some Spanish DTT channels and they may be useful at specific times.

Watching DTT on Android is possible: perhaps there is no infinite list of alternatives, but at least you do have some options that better or worse, fulfill their mission. Choose your preferred option and enjoy the best television on your Android device.