How to view the blacklist of blocked numbers on Android

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Android allows block numbers to avoid being called or texted. This is a really useful function when it comes to avoiding advertising communications, whether by call or SMS. If you are in the habit of blocking contacts on your device, the blacklist of numbers may be quite long. How can you consult it? In this article we explain how to view all the numbers that you have blocked on Android, both in the call and message applications.

How to know which numbers you have blocked on Android for calls

As you can imagine, Android applications to call and send messages they work in unison. This means that they share and use the same block list. To the block a call on Android, you will stop receiving messages from them. And the same thing happens the other way around. To consult the block list in the phone application, open the main menu by tapping on the three vertical dots that you will see in the upper right corner.

Open application settingsOpen application settings

Next, click on the button Blocked numbers.

List of blocked numbersList of blocked numbers

All the numbers you have blocked will appear on the next screen.

All numbers blocked on AndroidAll numbers blocked on Android

It is always possible to add a contact from this area using the button Add number. On the other hand, the phone application allows you to automatically block any number that is not in the contact list. Do so by activating the option Unknown.

How to know which numbers you have blocked on Android for messages

The time has come to know the blocked contacts in Android SMS app. As we have already mentioned, they are the same that you will find in the phone application. In fact, the process is quite similar to what we mentioned above. The first step is to open the main menu by tapping on the three vertical dots. Then, you must click on Spam and blocked.

Blocked numbers in the messages appBlocked numbers in the messages app

The list will then appear on the screen. Tap on the number to see the received messages.

List of blocked numbersList of blocked numbers

Use the button Unlock to unblock the contact.

Unblock numberUnblock number

Remember that if you unblock a contact in the messages application, in addition to sending you SMS, they can call you.

How to block a contact on Huawei phones

If you have been attentive to current technology in recent years, you will know that Huawei can no longer use Google applications. Although you continue to use Android on your devices, its development has become independent and, therefore, the process to block is somewhat different. To see the list of blocked numbers do the following:

  1. Open the message or call app.
  2. Access the main menu and tap on Harassment filter.
  3. Click on the gear icon and open the section Black list of numbers.
  4. From there, see what the blocked numbers are.
  5. Remove contacts from the list to unblock a number.