How to use your Clubhouse account on Android officially with the APK

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We knew that the Clubhouse developers were working on bring the app to Android, and we already have it among us: the famous software for creating audio rooms is available as a pre-registration. And you can use it on your Android mobile if you already had a Clubhouse account, we tell you how.

Club House It has been available on iOS for a year, during which time the application has not only become popular, it has also managed to make the majority of social networks adopt their way of establishing communications between users. The premise is simple: audio rooms for anyone to express what they want; a premise that is already available on Android. Of course, in the same way that it happens in iOS: only by invitation.

Clubhouse on Android works perfectly and under the same terms as on iOS

Clubhouse Android 2

Despite the fact that it has gained millions of downloads from the App Store, and that its premiere on Google Play was eagerly awaited, Clubhouse still does not offer its services openly. This is, to access the platform’s audio rooms you need someone to send you. If you already had an account you can use Clubhouse on Android even if it cannot be officially downloaded from Google Play.

Pre-registration is available. And you can sign up for its closed beta. However, the Play Store does not yet allow you to download the application directly, a barrier that can be easily bypassed just by installing the APK. It is available in Apk Mirror and is the official Clubhouse.

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That you already had an account and want to use Clubhouse on your Android? The process is as expected:

Clubhouse Android
  • Open Clubhouse on your Android and enter the phone number you used to create your account.
  • Confirm your access with the PIN that Clubhouse sent you to your number. And you will already have the app operational on your Android.
Clubhouse Android

The design of the Android interface is traced to that of Clubhouse on iPhone. The app is in English, uses cream-colored backgrounds, allows you to enter audio rooms and create new ones, offers the calendar with upcoming and nearby talks, Clubhouse on Android allows you to manage favorites, follow other users and, also, deliver invitations if available.

Clubhouse Android

To use Clubhouse on Android you need an invitation, but you can join the waiting list if you install the APK on your phone and request entry into that list. The platform will deliver access according to the order in which the applicants signed up.

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How to use your Clubhouse account on Android officially with the APK

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How to use your Clubhouse account on Android officially with the APK 1

How to use your Clubhouse account on Android officially with the APK 2