How to use the “grid view” of Google Meet in a video call from an Android mobile

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The video Google Meet are the order of the day: not only allow you to to communicate to a large number of people at the same timealso offer sufficient quality of audio and video. And have an extremely curious: the grill thumbnail or ‘grid view’. Do you want to have in your mobile? There is a way.

Make a video call in a group can be an adventure when they are together in line more than six people. These communications have become so popular that sure that you go to several each week. And you may have tried Google Meetthe professional system of video conferencing. Such a system has an extension for web browsers that enables a peculiar grid with thumbnails of all the contacts participating in the video calloption that is not available in the mobile app. But there is a way to activate it, what we found.

Google Meet grid View as a Chrome extension

Google Meet Grid View

The grid of thumbnails is enabled with a Google Chrome extension, a small app for the desktop devices. Google has not provided the ‘grid view’ series on Meet, so there is that sought in life to get that function. Especially in Android because Google Chrome has no support for extensions; hence, it is mandatory to download a web browser that supports. For example, Kiwi (you can also use Yandex, for example).

First things first: you must install Kiwi Browser on your mobile phone or tablet Android. It is a free app that offers you a pleasant web browsing experience, also has many functions; such as being able to install add-ons or extensions, which is what interests us.

Kiwi Browser

Kiwi Browser

Once you have a Kiwi Browser installed in your Android, tap set it up to turn on the ‘grid view’ in Google Meet:

  • Opens the browser options (three dots in the upper right corner) and go to ‘Settings’.
  • Down to Settings ‘web sites’ and active ‘Desktop mode by default‘. This way you will open all pages in desktop mode (if not Google Meet will in to download the app, Hangouts).
Google Meet Grid View
  • Open the store of Chrome extensions in Kiwi Browser and search for the name of ‘Google Meet Grid View‘. Please install it and check: all the process is done from Kiwi Browser, on your Android.
Google Meet Grid View
  • Now you’re all ready to see the grid of Google Meet with all the participants of the video call: go into a meeting and you will see the icon of ‘grid view’ on the top right.
  • Choose the options that you consider more important, especially in the case of ‘Enable the grid by default‘: this will activate the grid by default, every time you go on a video call.
  • If you want to disable the grid view uncheck the options ‘grid view’ in Google Meet.

While the process works, and you can perform video calls from the mobile phone without complication, is not to see all the participants in a grid is the most convenient way to enjoy the video call. But yes that can be useful if you have a Google Chromecast or another way of projecting the image of the phone on the tv: you can videollamar to your contacts with the grid and on the big screen of the tvfor example. Supports the mobile phone to the front camera will focus and get the most out of the video call.

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How to use the “grid view” of Google Meet in a video call from an Android mobile

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How to use the "grid view" of Google Meet in a video call from an Android mobile 1

How to use the "grid view" of Google Meet in a video call from an Android mobile 2