How to use the Android 11 home automation menu on the Samsung Galaxy

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Samsung, like other brands, has begun to sell mobile phones with Android 11 in Spain, starting with the Samsung Galaxy S21.

It is not the first to sell models with this software or to update some of the devices that were previously released, but it is the first to remove one of the star features of this version.

The Samsung Galaxy will not have the powerful Android 11 power menu

In Free Android we have the opportunity to test many of the new mobiles of different brands, and some of them use Android 11. We have had the opportunity to see what Android 11 is like on the Pixel, on OnePlus, Live or on OPPO.

The OPPO Find X2 Pro is updated to Android 11 in Spain

OPPO power menu on Android 11

They all share the features that Google has created for Android 11, but Samsung has broken the trend.

We are currently analyzing the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and we have noticed that One UI 3.1, the version that this model uses, does not have the power menu that Android 11 released.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, analysis: touching the limit

Samsung power menu with Android 11

We wanted to find out if this decision is temporary or if Samsung had decided not to implement it permanently. We have contacted the company to find out their position, and this has been their response:

“We are not implementing that interface in any Android 11 to date.”

However, this does not mean that we do not have the option to use that menu. It can be found in a shortcut called My Devices, within the notification curtain.

How to use the Android 11 home automation menu on the Samsung Galaxy 1

We hope that this decision will change soon, in the same way that Samsung has backtracked when it comes to not using Discover on their mobile desktops, something that with One UI 3.1 is already possible.

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