How to use OnePlus or iPhone gestures on any Android

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They are two manufacturers that bet prematurely on this type of navigation, while the rest continued to move with virtual buttons. Therefore, it is interesting to have these gestures on any Android, regardless of the brand. Of course, it will not be through official means of OnePlus or iPhone, so it will be necessary to find another way, or rather, two ways.

Navigation Gestures - Swipe Gesture Controls!
Navigation Gestures - Swipe Gesture Controls!

How to use OnePlus or iPhone gestures with Navigation Gestures

For the first option, we are going to use a simple application that allows us to configure the gestures of our Android. This tool Navigation Gestures It is inspired by the gesture navigation of the OnePlus and the iPhone. The amount of permits it requests for its operation is striking, but it is not intrusive at all. We will not find even a pinned message in the notification bar.

navigation gestures gestures oneplus iphone

Its main menu could not be simpler, since it has four options to activate the different gestures, both the sides and the bubble that allows us to access multitasking by holding up, or go directly to the desktop. However, we can choose which gestures to activate depending on our tastes. However, it does have a few customization settings and some experimental options.

navigation gestures gestures screen

The application is developed by XDA guys, which was launched on the occasion of the navigation by gestures taken by the iPhone X and OnePlus 5T. At the time, it was a very novel and usable element for all those terminals that still had virtual buttons. The app itself works very well, it usually responds correctly to the gestures we order and is not intrusive at all, although the sidebars occupy a space on the screen in order to function. They can be hidden, but it is need to run a command from the PC that Navigation Gestures provides us, since it is a permit with greater requirements.

Use OnePlus gestures with Vivid Navigation Gestures

For this second method, the only requirement to enjoy them on our smartphones is to have Android Lollipop 5.0. Also, we will have to activate the checkbox Unknown origins in Android Settings to install applications from external sources. The configuration of the Vivid Navigation Gestures is simple. The first thing we have to do is give it accessibility permissions so that it can interact with what we do on the screen at any time.

vivid navigation gestures

Once that is done we configure the gestures as we want, having three zones (left, central and right) and two options per zone, swipe up and slide and hold. We can also assign actions to the detection zone with double click and make it be invisible or visible. In some captures we have left it visible for obvious reasons, but we have used it by deactivating that option.

We can also change the width of it, so that the detection area is more or less large, according to our tastes. In this way we can change gestures that are necessary if they are in contradiction with others of the mobile. The downside is that this app is only paid, so we will have to scratch our pockets.

Vivid Navigation Gestures
Vivid Navigation Gestures