How to use Flash notifications on Samsung

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How to use Flash notifications on Samsung 1

Samsung phones have changed notifications noticeably Thanks to One UI, they have even released a new type of notifications on the Galaxy S20, also available in Spain. As the famous notification LED is losing its presence, new ways are being introduced to show that one has been received on the phone.

On Samsung phones with One UI we can use the phone flash to indicate that we have a notification. This allows to replace the classic notification LED on devices. It is an ideal method if we regularly have the mobile face down, in order to see when we receive a notification.

Use the flash on Samsung as a notification indicator

Samsung flash notifications

This is a function that we find in the Samsung settings, although it is not an option that we see immediately. It is somewhat hidden among the many customization options in One UI. Thanks to this function, when we receive a notification on the phone, the flash of it will blink, so that we know that we have received a message, for example.

It is a comfortable option, although not as discreet as the classic notification LED. Since the flash will blink with the usual intensity with which it normally does, so for many users it can be somewhat aggressive. The interesting thing is that we can use the screen flash as well, which generates a different effect. To activate this function on the phone, we have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Samsung settings.
  2. Enter Accessibility.
  3. Click on Advanced Settings.
  4. Look for the option called Flash notification.
  5. Activate this option.

If you have questions about this function, you can see a preview in the settings, so that you can check if this notification through the phone’s flash is something that interests you and that you think may be useful in your case. Since it is possible that for some users the flash is annoying, as it emits a fairly intense light. At least it is an interesting feature, which continues to show the many options that are in One UI.

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