How to use an Android mobile as a webcam on your PC

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Table of Contents

Unfortunately, not everyone has a webcam to make video calls. We must remember that desktop computers must be purchased separately from all equipment, since they do not usually come integrated; In laptops they are included, but it may be that they do not work well or are directly damaged. Fortunately, and once again, the mobile phone will be the best ally to solve the problem.

iVCam Webcam
iVCam Webcam

Requirements before starting to use the webcam

Every time we are going to perform a configuration in which several devices are involved, we must take into account several things. And is that before doing anything, we must have everything necessary prepared to be able to use, as in this case, the mobile as a webcam for our computer. Apart from everything there is to know about installing the programs, we will need a good support to place the terminal in a good position.

  • We need the same application installed both on mobile and PC (they can be found in the Play Store in the case of Android and on the website for Windows, Mac or Linux).
  • Both the PC and the mobile must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network, since communication is carried out via internal IP. However, there are apps that allow us to connect by USB cable, although it implies occupying a port to connect the mobile and, ultimately, more cables.
  • If all is well, we see what the mobile camera shows in the screen of our PC.

Use your Android as a webcam on your PC.

There are many options and quite popular, as is the case of DroidCam. However, in this tutorial we are going to comment on another alternative because it has very interesting functions, and which we will comment on below. Is about iVCam, a totally free app and allows, with a simple interface, that our Android serves as a webcam.

ivcam android webcam pc

The main reason is that it is the only one that, without having to do anything, is detected by Discord or Skype, since it appears as one more hardware device in the Windows device manager. Therefore, there is absolutely nothing to configure, simply connect the PC with the mobile … and start talking in our favorite communication app.

ivcam optionsThe configuration is also very simple. The first thing we do is open the app on the mobile and download the latest software on PC, which has its own program on its official website. You must download the latest version or it will not work. Once we download the app on the mobile and on the computer, as soon as we start on the phone, and as long as we are connected to the same network, the two devices will be synchronized through the IP and we will start to see the mobile camera on the PC.

We have several image options that we must configure in the app (such as video quality, orientation, audio quality …) and automatically those changes are applied to the computer. In the event that your mobile does not come out as if it were a webcam in applications like Skype, Discord or whatever you use, all you have to do is go to the device manager and look for the camera device to ensure that it is connected