How to unlock characters in Marvel Strike Force

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This video game is set in the Marvel universe, and includes all the superheroes and villains of this world, as well as secondary characters from organizations such as SHIELD or Hydra. With them we can fight in turn-based battles against the Kree, an alien race of superior intelligence that tries to dominate the universe. To deal with them, we can choose from a lot of characters that we get as we progress through the game.

Characters that come unlocked

first battle

  • Spider-man: Who has not seen the Spider-Man movies? It’s the first character we get when we first open the game, and it offers a ton of different styles. His strikes are quite effective, especially when wrapping his enemies in the net. Also, you can become one of the most powerful and skilled characters in the game, just like in the movies and comics. A very good option as soon as you start playing.
  • SHIELD Medic.: this endearing doctor will help us in the first battles to heal our lives and offer us emergency medical attention when we suffer harm. We can easily improve it and become a very useful character when we are in trouble. It is unlocked at the same time as Spider-Man, so it will be your companion in the first moments of the game.
  • Luke cage: Don’t be intimidated by this big man, as he is one of the best allies when we take our first steps. It is unlocked in the second fight we have, and it is very useful when it is associated with its same category of companions, the Defenders. It can take down enemies quickly due to its large wingspan and powerful moves, although upgrading it can be quite a time consuming task.

Stronger and harder to get superheroes


In this category we are going to include only the best Marvel Strike Force superheroes, because as you already know you can also choose villains, although the vast majority of these are usually weaker.

  • Gamora: is the best Brawler of the game thanks to its powerful and varied attacks. He has a knack for repeat the movements when it has already shot down an enemy, so it can be of great help to opponents with agility and speed. On the other hand, he has the ability to quickly charge up his special attack and gets big bonuses when he lands his hits.
  • Thor: Odin’s son is the best Blaster of the game. Although it takes a long time to unlock, he is a character that is very worthwhile for his movements, since as he says in the movies, he is «The strongest Avenger«. His electric storm stuns all your enemies and deals massive damage to them. On the other hand, when he throws his hammer it can be lethal for your rivals, since it affects everyone who is in that moment.
  • Captain America– Born from an experiment and became a legendary superhero. Is he Tank most powerful in the game thanks to his multiple abilities and his ability to defend the rest of the team members. We can’t forget about his famous shield, which can serve us both to defend and to attack our enemies. He can also taunt and taunt enemies, a great help for the weaker ones. Like Thor, we will have to spend many hours if we want to play with it, but it will not be in vain when we have it available.
  • Night Nurse: in case you are confused, it is the best Healer that we can find in the game. It can heal one character separately or several at once, and has a quick feature that restores the life of the companion who needs it most. It has 100% accuracy and to top it off, its basic attack is not bad at all. It is ideal for making forays.
  • Quake: finally we meet a very interesting character. Is the best Controller of the game for many reasons. She is a SHIELD agent capable of dominating the enemy team through her effective attacks, weakening all opponents and nullifying their strengths and strongest movements. His seismic blast attack is devastating, and affects all members of the opposing side.

Methods to unlock the Marvel Strike Force roster

Every so often, the game publishes events of all kinds to unlock the best characters. In each of them, there are several available missions or levels in which we can gather orbs of a specific superhero or villain, and thus obtain their fragments to finally unlock them. The calendar of these events usually takes everyone by surprise, but the truth is that whenever they publish one, users appreciate it.

On the other hand, the best events are called legendary. In them we can obtain the most exclusive characters of the entire game, although the missions will be of a much greater difficulty than the rest. Of course, with them you can advance by leaps and bounds in the game to become a great player. Some of the ones we can get are Star lord, Nick Fury or Hombre de Hierro, one of the most important superheroes in the Marvel Universe.

As we have said, the fragments will allow us to unlock and level up the characters. The easiest way to get these items is logging in every day since we will receive them automatically. Therefore, we recommend that you log in every day if possible. Just for doing so you will receive character shards. On the other hand, daily goals They are also a good way, since if we do it several times, we can unlock new superheroes and villains for free. Finally, complete the chapters of the campaign they will give us quite a few fragments.

blitz mode

This game mode allows us to accumulate points for several days to get great rewards. We can do battles against very powerful teams, either to test our characters or to practice and improve. Includes a store in which we can choose from a lot of exclusive characters, although we cannot always unlock them all due to their high cost. In fact, credits necessary for this are quite difficult to get, and we can get these by completing the milestones that appear in this mode. The more you complete, the more fragments you can get.