How to unlink devices from a Google account on Android

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The Google account it is closely tied to each Android device. It allows you to download applications from the store, store contacts or sync your photos. Therefore, it is very important that you unlink it completely if you are thinking of selling your device or giving it away. It is also necessary to do so if it has been stolen, as you will avoid the misuse of your information. How to remove and unlink Google account from device? We explain how to do it from the terminal itself and remotely.

Delete Google account from Android settings

We start this guide with one of the simplest methods. In fact, it only requires that you have your device on hand to put it into practice. To unlink the Google account from your phone from Android settings, tap on Users & Settings. Keep in mind that the name of this section of the configuration may vary depending on the personalization layer of your device, although the process is very similar.

Account OptionsAccount Options

Click on the Google account to see more options.

Select Google account in settingsSelect Google account in settings

Open the contextual menu and click on Remove account.

Delete accountDelete account

Thereafter, your account will stop syncing with the device.

Remove Google account by restoring phone

Another way to delete the Google account is to completely restore the phone, a highly recommended method if you are going to sell or give it away. As you can imagine, do it erase all information on the device, including your profile. So make sure you have a backup of your data, such as contacts, photos, or notes. Go to Additional settings in Android settings.

Additional options on AndroidAdditional options on Android

Tap on Back up and reset.

Reset phone completelyReset phone completely

To finish, use the button Erase all data (factory reset).

Clear all dataClear all data

Follow the onscreen instructions to reset your device to factory settings.

Unlinking your phone from Google account

Although the above methods are ideal for remove your profile from the device and, as a consequence, deleting your data, the phone may still be linked to your Google account. Therefore, visit the section Google My Account at the following URL:

Access My AccountAccess My Account

In the tab Security, scroll until you find the section Your devices.

Devices in Google accountDevices in Google account

Open the contextual menu that you will see next to the device you want to unpair and tap on Sign out.

Sign out of your Google accountSign out of your Google account

Press again on Sign out to confirm.

Confirm logoutConfirm logout

Your Google account session will be closed and the device will no longer be linked to your profile. This process can be done remotely.

Change your Google account password

Changing the password for your Google account causes a result similar to the previous one. Do it on the same page of Google My Account, but in this case visiting the tab Personal info.

Change account passwordChange account password

Enter your credentials and then the new password. Change password is the button you have to press to save the changes.

Set new passwordSet new password

Any device that has your Google account set up will ask for the new password to be entered. It is interesting to change the password of the Google account from time to time to improve the security of your information.

Erase the device remotely with Find My Device

Find My Device is a portal enabled by Google that helps you recover your device if it has been lost or stolen. Access by typing the following address in the browser: 

Find My DeviceFind My Device

Choose the terminal you want to delete and tap on Erase device.

Delete device remotelyDelete device remotely

Confirm with the button Erase device that appears in the next step.

Delete all contentDelete all content

The device will be completely erased remotely and the Google account will lock it. It is a method that is especially necessary to protect your data in the event that your terminal has been stolen.

Completely delete your Google account

This is one of the most drastic procedures for unlink a Google account from a mobile device. We refer to its complete erasure. Google My Account allows you to delete your profile relatively easily. You just have to go to the tab Data and privacy, place you in Delete your Google Account and follow the instructions.

Delete Google accountDelete Google account

When your Google account no longer exists, it will no longer be operational on all devices.

Unlink your device from Google Play

We close this guide by talking to you about Google play. Every time you log in with a device in the Google store, it is registered in a list of phones and tablets that belong to you. In this case, there is no way to remove the device. Even if you have stopped having it, it will continue to be registered in Google Play. However, you can hide it so that it does not appear during the installation of applications. Visit the web version of the Google store and open Settings.

Google Play settingsGoogle Play settings

Scroll to My Devices.

Device ListDevice List

Uncheck all those devices that you do not want to see using the side boxes.

Hide devices in the storeHide devices in the store

By doing so, unmarked devices will not be included in the list of phones that appears when installing an application from the web.