How to unblock a blocked phone number

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How to unblock a blocked phone number 1

It has happened to many mobile phone users that, unfortunately, they find their phone locked and have just bought it. That is the biggest disappointment you can have on a day when you just wanted to release that new life partner. Because yes, this happens more than you think, it is not something that has only happened to you. In the end, you block a person or an operator because you just don’t want them to call anymore and at a certain point you want to unblock and you don’t know. Because we are going to teach you how to unblock a blocked number throughout this article. It is very simple.

How to unblock a blocked phone number 3

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Because we know that the function as such to block numbers is used a lot, but people also get a lot. So you have to know how to use it well because then there is no going back if you don’t know how to unblock that long-blocked phone number. You never know when you are going to argue with someone but then you make up and that comes to nothing. Then there it’s time to unlock, If you want of course. Therefore, we are not going to delay any more in the explanation since it is very easy to do both on Android and iPhone. Let’s go there with the tutorial.

How to unblock a blocked phone number?

How to unblock a blocked phone number 5

As we tell you there are three different unlocks and locks depending on your type of system, and above all, the third, after Android and iOS and their differences, is something that will sound like a private number or a hidden number. Let’s say that the latter is more controllable by users and that it is usually better located and done for privacy reasons. But the other two, both on Android and iOS, may make you dizzy or confuse you a bit more. Because we are going to teach you how to unblock a blocked number on Android and iOS. Just follow all the steps that we leave you below and it will be a piece of cake. We started with Android and will continue with iOS.

How to unblock a mobile phone number on Android systems

It is probably the simplest method and system although iOS is not far behind and you will see it later if you are interested. To be able to unlock you will only have to follow these steps as we tell you:

At first you will have to go to the call log of your mobile phone and you will have to locate that number that you had previously blocked but now want to unblock. Now you have to hold down on that number until suddenly, a new menu appears. In that menu that has appeared for you by pressing the blocked phone number, there will be a very clear option: “Remove from blacklist”. Well, you have to click on it to be able to unblock the number in question.

Keep in mind that absolutely everything that has tried to do that blocked number, while it was blocked, you will not have any record. At no time will you know if he has called you or if not, you just had it blocked and you can’t know anything else about the phone number. Forget if you wanted to unlock to check if you had calls or messages from him, because you will not receive any data record or anything like that. From the moment you have removed it from the black list, you will be able to receive any call or message from the phone number as from any other that you do not have blocked. That is, you have already learned how to unblock a blocked number on Android.

How to unblock a blocked phone number 7

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How to unblock a mobile phone number on iOS systems for iPhone

As we told you, this method does not differ much from that of iOS. We will simply have to do a few more steps but if you are an iPhone user do not worry because right away you can talk and receive calls again of that contact that you have blocked. You just have to follow these steps as we tell you below:

To start you will have to go to the settings menu and once you are in it you can choose the “phone” menu. Now that you are on the phone, you will find two options: the calls that are currently muted and the contacts you had and have blocked, all accessible by clicking on muted calls and blocked contacts. It has no loss, as soon as you enter the menu you will find everything.

For our purpose of the article, which is none other than unblocking a blocked number in iOS, we are interested in the second option that we have left in bold, that of blocked contacts. Once you click on it and enter that section of locks you will find the list of all those numbers that over time are blocked and that now from that right menu you will be able to unlock again. For this you will have to go one by one independently unlocking them. Once again, something very simple, just click on each one and unlock.

Also on iPhone and iOS you have other types of special options such as blocking in FaceTime, in Messages and in Mail For that reason, we are going to give you those little tips in case you are among those cases that want to unblock someone from FaceTime.

  • If you want to unblock a FaceTime contact you will have to enter the list of blocked contacts that you will find within the app itself in calls.
  • If you want to unblock a message contact, you will find the option within the SMS and MMS options
  • If you want to unblock a contact from the Mail app you will have to just enter under the «chain» section to see the blocked ones

We hope this article has been helpful and that from now on you know how to unblock contacts that you had blocked on your mobile phone. If you have any doubts, questions or suggestions about the article, you can leave it in the comment box that you will find just below the post itself. See you in the next Android Help article.