How to turn the flashlight on and off on Android in various ways

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Table of Contents

Your device’s flashlight can get you out of a real jam. For example, maybe the differential of your house has jumped or, simply, the power has gone out. Or, you may be doing a repair and need additional lighting. Whatever your case, the solutions that we give you in this article to turn on the flashlight from Android will be very useful.

How to turn the flashlight on and off with the quick settings

Android provides quick access to different system settings with a simple gesture. All you have to do is swipe from the top of the screen to show the notification curtain and the quick settings panel. There you will find the flashlight activation button. In our case, the shortcut was visible by default.

Turn on the flashlight from the quick settingsTurn on the flashlight from the quick settings

But, if this is not your case, discover the panel completely and click on the edit button.

Edit Quick Settings PanelEdit Quick Settings Panel

Locate the flashlight icon.

Locate the flashlight shortcutLocate the flashlight shortcut

Then perform a indefinite pulsation on the flashlight icon and move it until it is in the first positions of the panel.

Relocating the flashlight in the quick settings panelRelocating the flashlight in the quick settings panel

Now, it will always be available quickly. A tap on the icon will turn on the flashlight, another will serve to turn it off.

How to turn the flashlight on and off with Google Assistant

Activating the flashlight with Google Assistant can be very useful if you do not have your phone in hand and you suffer a sudden power failure. It is also very practical if you want to quickly locate your device in the dark.

To turn on the flashlight using the wizard, just say “OK Google, turn the flashlight on”. You can also use some equivalent phrases like “enable the flashlight” or “turn the flashlight on.”

Activate flashlight with Google AssistantActivate flashlight with Google Assistant

If you want to turn it off, just ask with the phrase “OK Google, turn off the flashlight.” Note that a controller will appear on the screen that will allow you to deactivate it manually, without using your voice.

Deactivating the flashlight from the wizardDeactivating the flashlight from the wizard

Remember that to use the hands-free function, you must correctly configure the “OK Google” command on your device.

How to turn Android flashlight on and off with apps

Turning on the flashlight on Android can also be done with external applications. In this case, you will have more options. To write this article we have used Flashlight, an application with a very simple operation, but with some really interesting additional functions. The first thing you should do is download its APK and install it.

Once installed, launch the tool and press the power button.

Activate the flashlight with Android FlashlightActivate the flashlight with Android Flashlight

If you want to see more options, tap on the three vertical dots menu and select Advanced mode.

Advanced flashlight modeAdvanced flashlight mode

With advanced mode enabled, turn on blinking, specifying different intervals, or set a timer. These values ​​can be adapted according to the casuistry you face.

Enable blink and timerEnable blink and timer

Additionally, Flashlight allows you turn your phone screen blank and at maximum brightness. This option will be useful if, for some reason, the rear led of your device does not work. It will also give you more lighting, if you need it.

Toggle between on-screen and led flashlightToggle between on-screen and led flashlight

When you no longer need the flashlight, turn it off. What you should do is press the power button again.