How to turn on or off the spell checker on Android

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The spelling checker helps you write better when sending messages or emails. However, it can also become a great enemy that changes some terms for others without permission. Does the checker on your phone bother you? Do you want to activate it to improve your spelling? In both cases, this article interests you.

Activate the spell checker on Android

If the corrector is deactivated and you want to enable it, all you have to do is go to the settings of your device and tap on System.

Access system settingsAccess system settings

Then select Languages ​​& input.

Language settings sectionLanguage settings section

Enter the virtual keyboard options to continue.

Virtual keyboard optionsVirtual keyboard options

Choose the keyboard you use by default.

Select keyboardSelect keyboard

Open the section Text correction to change the language correction settings.

Language correction optionsLanguage correction options

Activate all sliders. Most of them are additional options, such as blocking offensive words or typing suggestions. However, if you want the corrector to act automatically, it is essential to enable Auto-correction.

Settings to activate the automatic correctorSettings to activate the automatic corrector

After taking these steps, the checker on Android will be active again.

Disable spell checker on Android

If, on the contrary, what you want is to deactivate it, you must access the section System settings.

Enter Android settingsEnter Android settings

Then enter Languages ​​& input.

Settings regarding text inputSettings regarding text input

Open the virtual keyboard settings.

Virtual keyboard settingsVirtual keyboard settings

In the list, select the keyboard you use by default.

Select current keyboardSelect current keyboard

Enter the section that includes text correction preferences.

Text correction settingsText correction settings

Turn off the options you don’t need. If it is about disabling the corrector, you should note that the settings Auto-correction Y Show correction suggestions are turned off. You can also take the opportunity to deactivate the blocking of offensive words or personalized suggestions.

All settings to disable concealerAll settings to disable concealer

When you have done this, the checker will no longer bother you when typing on your Android.

How to turn it on and off on Samsung devices

Unlike other manufacturers, Samsung has its own keyboard. Because of this, the process of activating and deactivating the corrector is different. Of course, the first step is the same: go to the phone settings. In this case, tap on General management.

Open settings in One UIOpen settings in One UI

Click on Samsung keyboard settings.

Samsung keyboard settingsSamsung keyboard settings

Open the section Auto replace.

Automatic replacementAutomatic replacement

Turn off automatic correction by tapping on the slider.

Disable automatic replacementDisable automatic replacement

If you return to the previous menu, you can change other related settings.

Other Samsung keyboard settingsOther Samsung keyboard settings

Samsung allows you to disable predictive text or check for spelling errors. In addition, you will find various options related to the appearance of the keyboard.