How to transfer contacts from one mobile to another on Android

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You sure think that the contact list it is one of the most important elements of your mobile device. Thanks to it, you can keep communications open with your coworkers, friends or family. If you are thinking of switching devices, you most likely want to keep all your contacts. How can you transfer your calendar from one phone to another? There are several ways.

How to sync your contacts with your Google account

The easiest way to pass our information from one terminal to another is through google account. Your contacts are stored in it, as well as other valuable information, such as files or photos. If you have contacts saved in the internal memory of the device, you can easily synchronize them with your Google account. First, download Google Contacts. Open the application and click on your avatar.

Contacts accountsContacts accounts

So, tap on Device to view the contacts stored on the device.

  Device ContactsDevice Contacts

Select the contacts you want to upload to the Google cloud and click on the three dots menu.

Option menuOption menu

Tap on Move to another account.

Move to another accountMove to another account

Finally, choose the Google account you want to use to sync your contacts.

Select Google accountSelect Google account

When you set up your new device, enter your Google credentials and all the contacts will be downloaded to your address book automatically.

Send your contacts via Bluetooth

You can send one or more contacts from one device to another using the Bluetooth connection. Select the contacts you want to broadcast and tap on the share button.

Share contactsShare contacts

Select option Bluetooth.

Share contacts via BluetoothShare contacts via Bluetooth

Additionally, you can use the function Nearby Share, available on devices with Android 10 or higher. Both use direct send to move contacts from one device to the other.

Export all your contacts to a VFC file

To create a file that includes all your contacts, open the Google Contacts settings (or your native contacts application).

Google Contacts SettingsGoogle Contacts Settings

Select option Export.

Export contactsExport contacts

So, just choose the account you want to export the contacts from and store the VCF file on the internal memory. Send the file to the new device and use the function Import from Google Contacts to locate it and start the import.

Import contactsImport contacts

Remember that you can also use these steps to create backup copies of your entire schedule from time to time.

Copy your data with Phone Clone for All Android

The last method that we propose is to use a third-party application. In this case, we have opted for Phone Clone for All which, as the name suggests, is compatible with any Android phone. Download and install this application on both devices.

On your old device, select Old phone.

Select old phoneSelect old phone

Tap on QR Scan Connect.

Generate QR code for transferGenerate QR code for transfer

On the new device, opt for the option New Phone and scan the QR code that will appear on the screen of the old device.

QR code to transfer dataQR code to transfer data

Afterwards, you can transfer all kinds of information, including your contacts. The transfer between both terminals will be carried out at a higher or lower speed depending on the amount of information selected. If you just want to pass your contacts, the process is usually very quick.