How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

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Table of Contents

The transfer of data between Android and iOS is becoming easier. Thanks to the use of the cloud and multiplatform solutions, now our personal information is accessible from any device, regardless of its operating system. This applies to documents, photos, and calendar events. But also to the contact list, how important it is to stay connected with our friends and family. If you are thinking of moving from Android to iPhone, we help you move your contacts from one device to another.

How to use Google contacts on iPhone

The simplest way to view and edit Android contacts on iPhone is using google account. By default, Android synchronizes contacts in the cloud using the servers of the North American company. Therefore, to load your contact list on an iOS device, you need to add your Google account. The first thing you should do is access the settings and open Contacts.

Contacts settings on iOS

Then click on Accounts.

Account setupAccount setup

Use the button Add account to add your Google account.

Add new account on iOSAdd new account on iOS

Choose Google.

Sign in to Google on iPhoneSign in to Google on iPhone

Log in with your email address and password to add the Google account to the iPhone. Then, go to the list of accounts added and select the one you just added. Make sure the option Contacts it’s activated.

Enable contact syncEnable contact sync

Now, the contacts you used on Android will be available on your iPhone or iPad. Don’t forget that the changes you apply from iOS are synced across all your devices. Therefore, this method is especially interesting for those users who will continue to use an Android device, in addition to the iPhone or iPad.

Move your contacts from Android to iPhone with Move To iOS

In case you don’t use your Google account to backup Android contact list, Move to iOS, Apple’s official tool to transfer information between both platforms, will help you. Likewise, you can obtain its latest version safely and reliably from Malavida. Note that this method is only valid if you are setting up an iPhone or iPad from scratch.

When you have this tool installed on your Android, open it to start the process. Tap on Continue to get started.

Start Move to iOSStart Move to iOS

Now, accept the terms and conditions with Agree.

Accept the terms and conditionsAccept the terms and conditions

Allow Move to iOS to access your contacts by tapping on Allow. You must give additional permissions if you want to move other data, such as your text messages or your calendar.

Grant permissionsGrant permissions

Next, tap on Continue and write the code provided during the iOS setup process.

Enter codeEnter code

At that time, Move to iOS will link to your iPhone and allow you to choose what data you want to move from one device to another. Choose Contacts and start the process. When finished, all your contacts will have been copied and will be ready on your new device. From that moment on, you can use them in all applications and sync them with iCloud.