How to transfer apps via Bluetooth from one Android to another

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Table of Contents

And is that long ago we lacked the options to transfer data between Android mobiles, without establishing study a master’s degree in computer science. The processes were slightly slower, and his knowledge was not within the reach of all users. Today, we only need a couple of apps to explain the transfer of apps without the need of cables or not using the cloud.

Sharing application between mobile

It is not a title, it is the name of an application. Once we have it installed, will show us all the applications that we have on the terminal, which we will be able to share in a simple way with another device. We select a app that we want to share and you will see a context menu with several actions to perform, including to send the file through Bluetooth.

transfer apps method 1

You must take into account the activation of this software on both devices, otherwise you are never going to be able to transfer apps. Once the action is sent to the other terminal Android in format APK, with a message to confirm the acceptance of the shipment. Surely if we already have enabled the option “unknown Sources”, directly we’re going to be able to install the application in the same instant, although if we do it later the file will be staying in the folder “Downloads”.

APK Extractor

Comply with the same aim, but includes other pathways to reach the same place. Unlike the above, this app will not work if we do not give access permissions to the storage, since you need to create a folder to host files there. From this step, we show all the programs installed, even internal to the operating system.

transfer apps method 2

To transfer, we choose an app and a way to send it. If you click on it, you will directly extract a file to the folder that we mentioned a moment ago, that in order to access to the file of the app we have to direct to that folder, called”ExtractedApks”. However, there are three small dots on the right side, that if you press, will appear in the option to share directly. It generates an APK file which can be shared by Bluetooth, even by any other means.