How to take secret photos with the screen off on Android

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The built-in camera is one of the most interesting components of mobile phones. It helps us take photos anywhere, just by taking the device out of your pocket. But, although manufacturers increasingly include camera-related functions, one that does not usually come standard is that of take secret photos. Or what is the same, take screenshots without other people noticing with the screen off. In this article we tell you how to do it in a simple way with a very easy-to-use application.

Take photos with the screen off thanks to Secret Shoot

Secret Shoot is a free tool that you can download from the Malavida servers. Use the link that you will see on this page.

Once installed on your device, open it and click on Allow to grant you some necessary permissions.

Grant permissions to Secret ShotGrant permissions to Secret Shot

Next, press on Allow to allow Secret Shot to access the storage.

Allow Secret Shoot to access storageAllow Secret Shoot to access storage

A brief explanation will appear on the screen with the characteristics of the application. Scroll to the bottom and press Use it.

Start Secret ShootStart Secret Shoot

Now you are on the main Secret Shot screen. As the intention is to take pictures without being detected, press the button Secret Photo. In the event that you want to make a video, opt for the option Secret Video. The app even has a discreet audio recorder.

Secret capture modeSecret capture mode

Grant the necessary permissions with Allow. You must allow this software to access the camera and microphone for it to work properly.

Allow access to the cameraAllow access to the camera

What you will see next is the typical interface of a camera application. But there is a difference: the button Black screen. If you press on it, the screen will turn off.

Start secret modeStart secret mode

In reality, what has happened is that the background color has turned black and the screen brightness has been lowered to the maximum. The only message you will see on the screen is Click here to exit the black screen. This indicates the corner you must touch to exit secret mode.

Secret mode with screen offSecret mode with screen off

And how do you take pictures while in secret mode? Simply pressing the volume down button. As a confirmation, every time you take a photo the phone will vibrate.

When you’re done, exit secret mode to return to the camera. If you tap on the circular thumbnail in the lower left corner, you will access the gallery.

See the photos you have capturedSee the photos you have captured

Obviously, all the photos you have taken with the secret mode will also be visible from applications such as Google Photos or the native gallery of the phone.