How to take screenshots on Android

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A picture is worth a thousand words. This popular saying helps us to recognize the importance of screenshots on Android phones. Thanks to them, any information, message or notice that appears on our device can be quickly displayed and shared with other users. How can you take screenshots of your terminal screen? Too easy. At Malavida we tell you about several methods.

Capture screen using software that integrates the operating system

The easiest way to take a screenshot is by using the resources that the operating system makes available to you. On most Android phones, there is a quick shortcut that makes it easy to release the shutter and take a photo of the screen. For example, many have the capture button in the shutdown menu.

Take a screenshot with AndroidTake a screenshot with Android

Depending on the model, manufacturer and version of the operating system, you can also find a shortcut for this function in the notification curtain. And, if you have configured the command OK Google from Google Assistant, you can ask the assistant to take a screenshot.

Take a screenshot with Google AssistantTake a screenshot with Google Assistant

In the latter case, the image is not stored on the device, but you can share it immediately after capturing it.

Capture the screen using a combination of buttons

Take a screenshot on an Android with the button combinationTake a screenshot on an Android with the button combination

All devices have a button combination that captures the screen. Although the keys to press may vary depending on the make and model, you will generally need to press the power button next to volume down button. In fact, it is like this in the following brands:

  • Samsung
  • Xiaomi
  • Google
  • Huawei
  • Honor
  • LG
  • Sony
  • Realme
  • Oppo

Capture the screen using apps

In addition to the official methods provided by the operating system and by the manufacturer, there are third-party applications that allow you to easily capture the device. Within the list of best Android apps to take screenshots, we have selected these three, but you can always inquire about other alternatives.

Super Screenchot

For example, Super Screenshot for Android will help you extract the content from the screen and also edit it.

Super Screenshot AndroidSuper Screenshot Android

By allowing you to capture and edit it at the moment, it is useful and fast, so it is a good alternative.

Screenshot Pro

You can also try Screenshot Pro Android, which includes tools to pixelate, cut or draw on the screenshots you take.

Shortcut to use the appShortcut to use the app

The options are quite basic but sufficient for the most common tasks when taking a screenshot.

Screenshot Touch

Finally, we are talking about Screenshot Touch Android, a tool with a very neat interface, with dark mode and that allows you to take screenshots with your terminal simply by shaking it. On the other hand, it is ideal if you need a timer or resize the captures.

Screenshot Touch app for AndroidScreenshot Touch app for Android

It offers a good compendium of additional features and functions that may also interest you in your day-to-day life.

Whichever application you choose, you will have at your disposal several additional functions that the manufacturer or the operating system does not include natively.