How to take long screenshots on Android

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Taking a screenshot on Android is one of the most effective ways to share with others what you are seeing. It is also a way to save content on the device without too much hassle. The most common is that when capturing the screen, only the interface elements that are visible are captured. This can sometimes be a problem, especially when the goal is to save or share an entire web page or conversation. Is it possible to take a scrolling capture to save everything on the screen? Yes, and in this article we tell you how to do it.

Check if your manufacturer has included this option

In most cases, the simplest way to do things is by using the tools built into the system. Many manufacturers, such as Xiaomi, Samsung, OPPO or realme, include the scroll function in the screenshots.

In general, to access this option you will have to capture the screen following the usual method. Although some devices allow it to be done using on-screen gestures, practically all support the combination Volume down button + Power button. Once you take the screenshot, check if there are more options on the screen. A button called Scroll, Displacement or an icon that suggests that this feature is available.

The operation is also different depending on the brand of your phone. Without going any further, in Samsung you must press the scroll button as many times as necessary until you have captured the entire area of ​​the desired screen. In the case of Xiaomi, you can only do it in the browser and, by default, the entire web is captured. In the OnePlus, OPPO and realme it is necessary to scroll the preview of the capture to access the scroll. If you’re not sure, check the internet or the manufacturer’s manual to see if your device supports this feature and how to enable it.

For everything else, LongShot

In the event that you do not know if your device has the function of taking long captures or you have confirmed that it does not, LongShot is your ally. Download its installer from Malavida safely and for free.

Run it and finally open the app. On its main screen, press on the shutter.

Start captureStart capture

Grant the necessary permission by selecting LongShot.

Grant permissions to the appGrant permissions to the app

Allows the app to show itself on top of other apps.

Allow show app over other appsAllow show app over other apps

Then start screen recording.

Start recordingStart recording

Search for the application you want to capture. What LongShot record the screen, you can use its long snapshot function anywhere in the system. Press on Start when you are ready.

Start screenshotStart screenshot

Then scroll from bottom to top. Do it slowly, without going over the horizontal red line with your fingers.

Scroll screenScroll screen

Since this is a recording, the capture may need to be adjusted a bit. Do it with the buttons Adjust.

adjust captureadjust capture

Take a look at the results.

Capture resultsCapture results

Share the resulting image or go to the location of the capture with Browse. Then move the file or upload it to the cloud, if you want.

Other apps to take screenshots on Android

In addition to the aforementioned utility, on Android we find a long list of applications that allow you to take screenshots with advanced options. At Malavida we have the best applications to capture the screen on a mobile phone. All of them are fully available to download on your device.