How to synchronize the app between Android and PC

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Table of Contents

It does so thanks to its version number 60, which offers this new functionality that allows you to send files from Android to a computer in a much faster and more efficient way. We are going to see how this new system works to send files in a simple way.

Opera Touch: The fast new web browser

How to synchronize the Android app and the PC app

The function that allows this fast transfer is Flow, a system that Opera has implemented in both its version for mobile phones and computers. Thanks to this function it will be possible to send all kinds of files between the two devices (links, notes, music, documents, photos or videos). It is a safe and easy-to-use space within the browser.

sync opera flow app

The possibility of connecting the mobile to the PC is through synchronization by QR. With this function, the browser makes it possible link the mobile to the computer by simply reading a QR code, so that you will not have to log in manually, using your email and password. It is something that other platforms such as WhatsApp already use to synchronize to different devices.

sync app opera qr code

To do so, we must download the Opera application on the PC and Opera Touch on Android. Next, we click on the Opera logo on the mobile, where the menu that contains this is displayed Flow function. When pressing, we have to connect the app with a computer, so we have to look for the same option in the PC version. Next, a QR code will appear with which both versions of Opera can be synchronized. It will be through a kind of virtual chat where you can leave files, notes, photos or videos.

More things we can do in Opera 60

The third novelty is that Opera 60 premieres the suggested sites. The browser will show you on its main page its suggestions based on your browsing habits, so that you have within reach those websites that you use the most at every moment of the day. However, it may happen that those sites are not really the ones you visit the most.

operate suggested sites

So Opera has thought of that with a possibility to edit that suggested sites panel. In this way, we have the option to delete that page, or edit it to add another that we really visit. If we press and hold any of the shortcuts, we can change it by adding another web address.