How to sync your contacts with Instagram and Facebook

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Facebook and Instagram want not you spend using your applications

For many people, social networks like Facebook or Instagram are a vital tool, especially if you use them as a showcase to promote your work or company. It is for this reason that you have your contacts synced, so that you have a greater amount of friends or followers it can be of great utility for a greater visibility.

Applications such as Instagram or Facebook account for this with a function that allows you to synchronize your phone contacts with them. So you’re going to be able to see which of your contacts have a profile on any of these social networks and add them or follow them then, and they do the same to you.

Sync contacts on Instagram

How to sync your contacts with Instagram and Facebook 1

Many times, when you go on Instagram on your Android phone, you’re already with a message that you suggests you can sync your contacts with the social network. Although it is possible that in the past have ignored such a message or that I have not left. Luckily, there is to wait for this message to be able to perform such a synchronization process between the two. The steps to perform to do this are simple, just do this:

  1. Open Instagram on your phone.
  2. Click on the icon of your profile.
  3. Open the side menu by clicking on the three horizontal stripes top.
  4. Enter to Discover people.
  5. Click on the option “Connect”, the first that comes out.
  6. Click Start in the window that comes out.
  7. Choose which contacts you want to follow.

When you have activated this option, you will see that the social network you show contacts and known people that have an account in Instagram, you’ll be able to follow. Only you’ll have to click on that button from follow to be able to start following these accounts or send them a request that you want to keep. This list of people is updated periodically, so that if you add contacts to the phone or more people open an account, you will exit there.

If this is the first time you do this, in the section of Discover people Instagram will usually recommend also connect with your contacts from Facebook. This allows you to also synchronize contacts between social networks and see which of the contacts you have on Facebook also have an account on this social network. For many it will also be interesting to make use of this option.

Sync contacts with Facebook

How to sync your contacts with Instagram and Facebook 2

Facebook is another social network that gives us the possibility of to synchronize the contacts that we have on the phone. This will allow us to see which of our contacts have a social network account associated with the telephone number, and so we can add them as friends. The process that we follow in this case is very similar to the one that we have done on Instagram before. The steps to do this are:

  • Open Facebook in the phone.
  • Tap the three horizontal stripes in the top right and open the side menu.
  • Comes in the option to Find Friends.
  • At the bottom of the screen tells you if you want to activate the option to sync contacts.
  • Click on the blue button to Activate.
  • Gives permission to access the Contacts.
  • Wait for it to sync.
  • Choose which contacts you want to add as friends.

This list is kept up to date habitually, so that if new contacts you’ve added to your phone will open up a profile on Facebook, you will come within this section of suggestions, which you can also see in the desktop version of the social network. When you have someone new that you want to add, just click on the add button to send a friend request to that person.

Cancel the sync

How to sync your contacts with Instagram and Facebook 3

It is possible that at some point you change your mind and you don’t want these apps to sync over your contacts. Both give us the ability to cancel or disable this synchronization, within their settings. Although a method that is more simple and direct is just taking the permission of the contacts, which have been granted to enable this synchronization. As well as not going to have access to them. This can be done this way:

  1. Open the settings of the phone.
  2. Enters Applications.
  3. Tap Permissions.
  4. Enters the permission of Contacts.
  5. Search Facebook and Instagram in that listing.
  6. Turn the switch off next to their names to remove that permission.

Is it advisable to sync your contacts with social networks?

Privacy is a topic that is questioned regularly on social networks, as they have access to a huge amount of personal datawhich , luckily, we can download as much in the case of Facebook as Instagram. When you synchronize contacts we’re giving them more access to our data, because we allow them to see who are our contacts in the phone. From the point of view of privacy is not the best.

There are users for whom it may be interesting to have more people in your profile or account, either because they are looking for encourage or promote something or because they want to have their friends and acquaintances near. In any case, if you do not have your phone linked to the social networks, when desvincules contacts again, you’re doing that have less data about you or your friends.

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