How to sync contacts to a Google account on Android

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The Google account allows you to synchronize a wide variety of information on all your devices. In addition to photos, documents, and notes, you can sync your contacts in the cloud. However, there are a few things you need to do first to enable this feature. In the following sections we explain all the necessary methods to upload your contacts to the Google account from Android.

How to import contacts from file to Google account

In this section we explain how to import contacts to your Google account from a external file. This method can be useful if you have exported your calendar from another service. In this case, you will also need the Google Contacts app.

Access its settings and tap on Import.

Import contacts to GoogleImport contacts to Google

In the box, click okay.

Import VCF fileImport VCF file

Use the file explorer to locate the VCF file. Afterwards, all the contacts it hosts will be uploaded to your Google account and will be available on all your devices.

How to use Google Contacts to sync phone contacts

If the contacts you want to import are stored in the memory of your phone, with Google Contacts it is very easy to synchronize them with the Google account. After downloading and installing it on your device, open the application and click on your account avatar.

Open account pickerOpen account picker

In the pop-up box, you will see all the accounts that are being synchronized with the device. Select the account where you want to copy your local contacts.

Select Gmail accountSelect Gmail account

Next, open the settings and click on Contacts sync settings.

Synchronize contacts in Google ContactsSynchronize contacts in Google Contacts

Under the statement Also sync device contacts you will see the button Manage settings. Click on it.

Synchronization from deviceSynchronization from device

Activate the slider that you will see on the screen.

Start backup contactsStart backup contacts

Immediately, all the contacts stored in your terminal locally will be uploaded to your Google account. This is the best way not to lose them in case the device stops working. Remember that all the changes you make in your agenda with this application will be synchronized with the Google servers.

How to sync Google account contacts

If you already have your contacts in the Google account, but they do not appear on your device, you must make sure that the synchronization is activated. Go to section Accounts settings.

Account optionsAccount options

There, click on your Google account. Obviously, if there is no Google account on the device, you must add it with the button Add account.

Open Google account optionsOpen Google account options

On the next screen, tap on Account sync.

Synchronization optionsSynchronization options

Finally, activate the slider that you will see next to Contacts.

Activate contact syncing on AndroidActivate contact syncing on Android

Once this is done, the contacts from your Google account will be synchronizing on your device.

How to display Google account contacts on device

After taking the steps mentioned in the previous sections, your contacts will be available on your phone no matter what contacts app you use. However, sometimes it will be necessary to activate its display manually. Taking the native Android contacts application as an example, we explain how to do it.

Open the application settings and tap Contacts to display.

Contacts to displayContacts to display

Check the box All contacts.

Show all contactsShow all contacts

In this simple way, you will have configured the contacts application to show all the entries in the calendar, including those stored in your Google account.