How to switch from iPhone to Android

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Table of Contents

If you are considering going from an iPhone or iPad to an Android phone, it is logical that you want to port all your data from one system to another. A few years ago this was a daunting task. However, both Google and Apple, have made efforts to facilitate the transfer of users between platforms. Thus, the time spent copying information is minimized and the process is much less traumatic for the user. In this case, we explain the easiest way to go from an iPhone to an Android.

Some preliminary considerations

Before starting the migration, we need to clarify some details. First of all, the easiest way to pass important data between iOS and Android is by using the official tools. In this case, we will use Google Drive, which has a backup tool that will help you upload all information to the cloud and make it automatically visible on Android.

On the other hand, in this guide we will focus on basic information, such as contacts, calendars, photos and documents. Obviously, there is a lot of other information that you will have to copy before leaving the iPhone behind and other, that unfortunately, it is not possible to carry, such as the passwords saved in iCloud. Once these two aspects are clarified, we begin.

Google Drive to transfer your data from iPhone to Android

The first thing you should do is go to the App Store, search for Google Drive and install it.

Download Google Drive

Once you have Google Drive installed on your iPhone, open its application and log in. Use the button Sign in to continue.

Sign in to Google Drive for iOSSign in to Google Drive for iOS

If you don’t have a Google account, you can create one by tapping on the link Create account. Remember that, if you have an address for gmail email, you already have a Google account.

4 Login screen4 Login screen

Next, open the side menu and tap on Settings.

Open settingsOpen settings

Choose the option Backup.

Backup optionBackup option

In the backup manager, you will see three options. From here you can select what data will be copied from your iPhone to your Google account. Contacts allows you to copy your contacts, whether they are on the iPhone or in iCloud, to Google Contacts.

Copy contacts from iPhoneCopy contacts from iPhone

Calendar events takes care of creating a backup of your calendars in Google Calendar.

Copy calendars from iPhoneCopy calendars from iPhone

By last, Photos & Videos upload your photos and videos to Google Photos.

Copy photos and videosCopy photos and videos

To start copying, it’s as simple as clicking Start Backup.

Start backupStart backup

Google Drive will ask you for access to your information three times in a row. Accept by pressing Okay in each case.

Grant permissions to Google DriveGrant permissions to Google Drive

Once finished, click on Donate to go out,

Finish copyFinish copy

Now all your important information is in Google Drive and, to display it on Android, it is as simple as logging in with your Google account. During the Android setup process, the device will have asked for your Google credentials. If you are logged in, all your information is automatically available. If, on the contrary, you skipped that step, you can do it now from the Android settings.

Open Android settingsOpen Android settings

Go to section Accounts.

Accounts section on AndroidAccounts section on Android

Use the button Add account to log in with Google.

Add new accountAdd new account

In the list, select Google.

Add new Google accountAdd new Google account

Enter your login details to link your account.

Sign in with GoogleSign in with Google

Once this process is finished, on the screen Accounts select the newly added Google account.

Open newly added account settingsOpen newly added account settings

Open the sync settings.

Synchronization settingsSynchronization settings

Make sure all options are active.

Synchronization activatedSynchronization activated

Now, your contacts, your calendars and all the photos and videos of your iPhone will be available in the respective Google applications. On most Android devices, Google Contacts, Google Photos, and Google Calendar are built-in applications. However, if your terminal has its own applications for the calendar and contacts, your data will also be visible in them. In the case of photos, you must use Google Photos to view your images and download them to your device, if you wish.