How to stabilize a video from Android

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Stabilization is a technique used in video recording to avoid blurry images due to camera shake. It is very useful in some situations, such as when you record a video while walking. In this article we will tell you about the best ways to enjoy stabilized videos on your Android phone.

If your device already has OIS or software stabilizer

Some devices include a optical stabilizer on the sensor. By using different small mechanical elements, the camera remains stable to most movements of the device. This type of stabilization is known as OIS and it is the most effective of all. However, some manufacturers apply software techniques to stabilize the captured video without the need to include an OIS system.

Both in one case and the other, stabilization will be applied automatically to your videos. You don’t need to do anything other than record with your phone. It is evident that telephones that incorporate optical or digital stabilization systems offer better results to the user. In addition, they do not require activation, since they work in the background and in a transparent way for the user.

If your device does not have a stabilizer

In the event that your terminal does not have an OIS stabilizer in the sensor or the manufacturer has not included it through software, there are some applications that can help you. In this case, we recommend two that will allow you to stabilize your videos without too many complications.

Google Photos

Google Photos is an excellent option when it comes to stabilizing videos. Its greatest virtue is that it usually comes pre-installed on Android devices. You may even be using it yourself to store your memories. Start by locating the video you want to stabilize in your gallery and clicking on it.

Open video in Google PhotosOpen video in Google Photos

Use the button Edit to continue.

Editing the video in Google PhotosEditing the video in Google Photos

Tap on the stabilization icon to start the process.

Start stabilizing the videoStart stabilizing the video

Wait while Google Photos improves your recording.

Video stabilization processVideo stabilization process

When finished, the stabilized video will be stored in your gallery. Therefore, it will be synchronized between all your devices.

Shaky Video Stabilizer

Another option that allows you to stabilize videos is Shaky Video Stabilizer. It is a free option, although it includes ads. However, it is one of the few that does not add a watermark or similar elements to the videos. In addition, it is very easy to use. All you have to do is tap on Select video.

Select video from gallerySelect video from gallery

Use the file browser to select the file and wait for the application to load it. Then, press the green button to continue. Generally, you won’t need to change any settings for Shaky Video Stabilizer to stabilize your video. Only occasionally will it be necessary to apply a more specific adjustment.

Start stabilizationStart stabilization

Then wait for the stabilization to finish.

Percentage of the processPercentage of the process

Use the lower buttons to share, play or save the video.

Results with stabilized videoResults with stabilized video

Once stored in the memory of your device, you can copy it, move it or upload it to the cloud.

Use a gimbal to stabilize videos on Android

If nothing we have discussed so far convinces you, there is an additional way to stabilize videos on Android. We refer to the use of an external mechanical arm that keeps the device stable regardless of the clamping position. Generally, these types of devices they are known as gimbal. In most cases, different mechanical and electrical components are used to stabilize the device and consequently the video recording. There are limited affordable options in terms of features. However, there are also very expensive ones, mostly intended for professional use.