How to speed up an Android mobile to twice the speed

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Table of Contents

We say this because there are also more recent mobiles on the market that can also suffer when opening apps, games or when performing another task. They do not have to carry Android 4.0 or have been launched in 2012, it may also happen that you have just bought a terminal and soon after it does not go quite right.

Why is my mobile slow

The first thing is to know if the problem lies on the part of the software or of hardware. This is important, since if the origin is from the system, it has a solution; On the other hand, if it comes from a component of the device, you may not be so lucky. If the problem is with the software and you are going to avoid changing a component or the smartphone directly, it could be for several things.

exist countless reasons that can lead us to suffer slowness in our smartphones, from the apps that stay in the background and with reserved resources, until the cache, which can get cluttered when installing, using, and uninstalling different apps over time.

There are also many others such as a bad optimization of the manufacturer’s system, a long time without restarting the terminal or cleaning its cache memory (which we recommend), too many applications in the background or outdated, etc. All these problems not only affect old Android phones, but also the most recent ones on the market and regardless of the range to which it belongs.

How to speed up your Android twice … and without apps

Entering fully into the solution, and as we have endorsed in the title, we are not only going to help you accelerate the system to improve its speed, but to do so until twice as fast in task management. Best of all, you don’t have to download an external app, although there are also methods to do it with a third-party program that we will explain later.

It works for any terminal, but it is true that the double speed increase will affect some more than others. In other words, the more recent and top the terminal, the less it differs after configuration, although it is still noticed. To proceed with the method, you have to do a series of tasks in the ‘Settings’ menu:

  1. Access the »Developer options». If you don’t see them on the screen, you don’t have these options activated. To activate them, you just have to click 7 times on »Build number», in the »Phone information» section.speed up android double options developer
  2. Once the options have been activated and accessing its menu, there are several settings that can be configured for this purpose, although with some caution because, as the name says, they are options designed for developers. The option that we have to look for within this menu is »Buffer size to record», where we find several figures in a contextual menu.speed up android buffer size
  3. We recommend testing them progressively, but basically the higher value we choose, the faster the terminal will be when processing tasks, gestures and all kinds of transitions. In addition, it improves the internet connection on platforms especially streaming, such as YouTube, Twitch, Netflix, etc.

East buffer is a temporary storage space, and what the size of the buffer to record does is speed up the time it takes for the terminal to process an audio. If we increase that size or that capacity, we help the terminal to release processor load from it, although it also has drawbacks. It may happen that, when watching a video, you have a little latency (the audio does not correspond to the moment of the image).

And if you want to use an app, try this one to speed up your smartphone

We can also use an application to help us in the management of tasks in the terminal and that, in short, the device goes faster when processing. There are many task killers, which are responsible for closing processes and applications with the idea of ​​freeing up the task terminal. Among all of them, we find a very interesting as well as effective: Advanced Task Manager.

It is just another process manager, but it has special functions such as a configurable level of aggressiveness for its automatic mode, possibility to configure exceptions, ignore applications when tasks are finished, among other options. A fairly effective tool that, unlike weighing down your mobile, will help you improve your speed.

Advanced Task Manager
Advanced Task Manager