How to solve Guyun’s Chi Puzzle

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Table of Contents

We are going to discover the procedure to follow to solve this mysterious puzzle in the game. Also, due to the breadth of the map, it is highly recommended to know the exact locations, so as not to waste time taking detours.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

How to solve Guyun’s Chi Puzzle

The Chi of Guyun is a quest in which the player searches for mysterious stones to discover the secrets hidden in Mount Qingce. To begin one of the most perplexing missions in Genshin Impact, players will have to head to the ruins of the plains of Bishui in Mondstadt.

A hooded young woman named Yan’er will tell the players that there is a Ruin Hunter that guards a stone from an ancient text. After the mission begins, players will battle a weak mini-boss before having to locate several mysterious stones. Interacting with these stones is something that we will repeat several times throughout the mission.

However, the puzzle on top of the mountain in the Qingce village it can be quite challenging. Players will need to activate the statues in order, depending on which Treyvat landmark they are facing. For players unfamiliar with the map, this can be quite a challenge.

guyun chi puzzle

After activating the statues in the correct order, players will have to talk to the grandma Ruoxin again, and she will direct the player to a waterfall with a hidden passageway. The passageway is hidden behind some vines to the right of the base of the waterfall.

Once inside, the player will have to defend a statue of three Ruin Guards attacks and Ruin Hunters. The first wave you will have one Ruin Guardians, the second wave you will have three Ruin Guardians at once, and the last wave you have a Ruin Hunter that is much more powerful than the one the player fought at the beginning of the quest. Once all enemies are defeated, go back to granny ruoxin in Qingce Town to complete the mission once and for all and receive all the rewards.

Statues locations

This puzzle will ask us to let’s activate several statues located around the ruins where you are. Once this is done, a chest will be unlocked and you can collect all the shards.

The first fragment

We will succeed if we go to ruins which initially indicates the hooded Yan’er, when he tells us that we must face a Ruin Hunter. This is where we get the first fragment.

The second fragment

It is located in a kind of ruin near the town of Qingce (west of the third fragment). Here we leave you the riddle. To solve it and get the chest of the second fragment, you must Activate the statues in a specific order.

  • Means, medium
  • Bottom right
  • Up to the left
  • Up in doire
  • Down left

puzzle chi guyun genshin impact quingce village

Third fragment

It is located at the top of the mountain, under the track of Snowpeak. For this puzzle, you need to activate some statues. The order does not matter but activates the four requested.

  • The one targeting Stormterror’s lair. (Northeast)
  • The one that points to the highest point visible from where you are. (Southwest)
  • The one targeting Liyue village. (Southeast)
  • The one that points to the mountain where the snow never melts. (East)

puzzle chi guyun genshin impact mountain position

A new chest appears and gives you the third and final shard.