How to share Internet one Android mobile to a PC with a USB cable

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There are many ways of sharing the connection of the mobile with other devices, although probably the most popular way is to create a Wifi access point. However, this method has a major problem: how to sharing the connection with a PC that has no Wifi or Bluetooth.

If that is your case, there is still a way to do this: sharing the Internet connection using a USB cablea simple method, more stable and has the advantage that you can use to share a Wifi connection with a device that has no Wifi, as an old PC.

How to share the cable connection in Android

To share the Internet connection using cable is just as easy to do it wirelessly. The main difficulty lies precisely in find the optionbecause the different layers of personalization and Android versions tend to change the menus and re-arrange them.

In Android pure, you’ll find the menu in the Android settings within the paragraph Networks and the Internet. Then enters into Wifi hotspot/connection Sharing and, finally, mark Share connection through USB. The only option you can change when you have the phone connected via a USB cable to a compatible device, such as a PC.


This is done, both the mobile phone and the PC you will be thinking about for a while, preparing the access point by using a USB. In Windows you’ll see the typical window asking you if you want your PC to be visible in this network or not.

It is recommended that you use an USB cable qualityto avoid disconnections, as well as that do not move or touch the phone much to avoid desconece and reconnect, losing connectivity each time.

Optional: enables the connection of metered use

If you are sharing a connection which you pay for data, it is recommended that you tell the operating system that it is a connection of a metered. In Windows you can do this in Configuration > Network > Connection metered.


This option tells the operating system that does not use the connection as a well-made traditional free unlimited, but use only the data needed. In this way, avoid Windows download huge updates system or similar, spending all the gigs of your data plan the mobile.

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How to share Internet one Android mobile to a PC with a USB cable

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