How to share a phone that is locked with access to a single app

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A child plays with a Samsung phone

Give our mobile to another person does us a lot of grace to say the least. Not by the fact of having nothing to hide, but because I really don’t know the intentions someone has with our Android in hand. Suppose that the person to whom it is pay to use only a application for a few moments, for example to the phone. Is there the possibility to leave the phone locked and accessible only to the app you need? Yes, there is. Is included in Android and we can use it if you know how to do it.

How to use fix screen on Android

Go ahead that to be able to use this function you will have to have a phone with Android 5.0 or higher. That said, go first to the route Settings>Security and location. The name might vary between terminals.

Android settingsAndroid settings

Then, click Advanced:

Settings security and locationSettings security and location

At the end of it all is what we seek, Set screen. Click now on this option:

Advanced settings-security and locationAdvanced settings-security and location

Slide the control to activate it:

Activation of fix screenActivation of fix screen

Keep active the option to maintain active the PIN code or unlock pattern, so that the screens fixed you can only manipulate you:

Extra security for the screens fixedExtra security for the screens fixed

Then, you open the recent apps of Android (button with square on your keypad, virtual, or swipe up in the most modern devices) and click on the icon above the window you want to set:

Carousel of recent appsCarousel of recent apps

It will display a menu. In that menu, choose the option Set:

Options of the recent applicationsOptions of the recent applications

Right now the screen is fixed for a single application:

App posted in AndroidApp posted in Android

From here, anyone who tries to go to your desktop to browse every other part of your phone will check to see that you can’t get up there. You can press the combination of buttons that you can see on the picture above to delete the attachment, but will not be able to access the contents of the phone unless you enter your PIN code or unlock pattern.