How to set up the game like a pro

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One of the things that many players overlook is the configuration, which can make the difference between being a simple beginner, or playing as an advanced player. These adjustments will help us to be more agile and more precise in shooting, both in multiplayer and in battle royale. It remains ahead that they are standardized configurations, so it does not mean that something can be changed depending on the case.

Call of Duty®: Mobile
Call of Duty®: Mobile

Graphics Settings

In the graphic section, it is necessary to play at the highest possible level so that our benefits increase during the game. Many players think that it is just for a more beautiful visual aspect of the game, but it certainly serves to get a greater precision when shooting, since the textures are much better defined.

Call of Duty: Mobile graphics come by default in “Normal” and with several options disabled. In order to fully enjoy the combat experience, you must activate and increment all graphicsTo do this, you must go to Settings (the nut icon at the top of the screen), select »Graphics» and apply the following changes:

  • Graphic Quality: High.
  • Frames per second: High.
  • Depth of Field: Activated.
  • Brightness: Activated.
  • Shadows in Real Time: Activated.
  • Ragdoll: Activated.
  • Water Reflection: Activated.

Control Settings

On the other hand, something that significantly changes the gameplay of Call of Duty: Mobile is the controls mode. Both in Multiplayer and in Battle Royale, you can select the type of control you want to use, by default the Simple mode, which makes the character aim automatically, which is sometimes not very effective, while the Advanced mode, allows you to control everything manually.

configure cod mobile controls

We have to stay with the one we feel most comfortable with, as that will determine our best or worst performance in combat. Regardless of what we choose, there are other adjustments in terms of the controls that we can apply and that significantly improve our gameplay are the following:

  • Help when aiming: ON
  • Fast grenade throw: ON
  • Quick run (from body to ground): ON
  • Auto sprint with joystick: ON
  • Fixed rapid fire button: ON
  • Fixed joystick: DISABLED
  • Point: TOUCH TO AIM
  • Show fire button on the left: YES
  • Always sprint: ON
  • Sensitivity: 68
  • Gyroscope: NO
  • Camera field of view: Four. Five
  • Reset weapon sight: DISABLED

Customizing the Advanced Mode

For activate Advanced Mode in BR and MJYou just have to go to Settings, click on Controls and choose that mode. However, at the bottom of the Advanced Mode option, you can also click on Personalization Settings to literally modify each of the buttons that appear on the screen and adapt them as you feel most comfortable.

Improve sensitivity settings in COD Mobile

Sensitivity is not only a thing of a driving simulator that is only reserved for console games, but it is an important element as well as configurable in mobile titles. In COD: Mobile it was not going to be less, even more so when the Activision game has a series of options that can be adjusted to improve the feeling with the touch screen. Here is everything we can configure in terms of general sensitivity, of the camera, of the shot and even of the gyroscope:

  • Rotation mode: SPEED ACCELERATION
  • Acceleration value: 145
  • Sensitivity programming: PERSONALIZED

set sensitivity cod mobileCamera sensitivity

  • Standard sensitivity: 90
  • Aiming sensitivity: 130
  • Tactical sight sensitivity: 100
  • Sight sensitivity of precision sight: fifty

Trigger sensitivity

  • Standard sensitivity: 90
  • Aiming sensitivity: 130
  • Tactical sight sensitivity: 100
  • Sight sensitivity of precision sight: fifty

Gyroscope sensitivity

  • Standard sensitivity: 30
  • Aiming sensitivity: twenty
  • Tactical sight sensitivity: 10
  • Sight sensitivity of precision sight: 10