How to set up download attachments in Gmail

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How to set up download attachments in Gmail 1

Gmail is the most used email application in Spain, both its desktop version and its Android application. It is very common that in the emails they send us is there any attached file, be it a photo, video or document. We may not always be interested in downloading such an attachment, especially if we are not sure what it is.

Gmail has the ability to manage or configure file attachment downloads. You will be able to choose if you want those files that someone attaches in an email to be downloaded automatically to your account or not. The steps to configure this in your account are very simple.

Set up downloading of attachments in Gmail

Download Gmail attachments

Being able to decide what we want to happen with the attachments in our Gmail account it is something of importance, either because we want to prevent a large attachment from being downloaded directly or because it is an attachment that we do not know and could be a danger. In the application settings we can configure this in a simple way:

  1. Open Gmail on your Android phone.
  2. Pull down the side menu.
  3. Go into Settings.
  4. Click on the name of your account.
  5. Scroll down to the end and go to the Download attachments section.
  6. Disable the option to Automatically download email attachments over WiFi.

When you deactivate this option, while using WiFi, the attachments that someone sends you will not be downloaded automatically, as was the case so far. This is something that can be useful in the event that there is a suspicious file among the attachments that someone has sent you. If you want to download one, because you know it is safe, you will have to click on that file to do so.

If you are using mobile data, Gmail will not download attachments automatically, this only happens with WiFi. In all cases, the best thing is that when you want to download something you are the one who clicks to download it. You can avoid problems with malicious files this way.

How to set up download attachments in Gmail 2

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