How to send a Vinted package easily

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Vinted is ideal for selling anything that you no longer put or use. You have business that you want to sell on this platform. After your items are uploaded, you have someone who decides to buy them. Now you need to send the Vinted package to the customer. This process is simple and involves several structures. Find out in this article how to send a Vinted package without wasting time.

Vinted is no longer to present. It is a platform widely used for second-hand sales in France and in various countries of Europe. You can sell shoes, clothes, and many other things you don’t want anymore. For this, you have the option of using a smartphone or just a computer. Vinted is available as a web version, and as a mobile application to reach more people. This is the opportunity to save some money. You will find good quality items at a reasonable price. To avoid overspending, buy on Vinted and save the rest. It’s not rocket science 🙂

Vinted package size

You must indicate the size of your items when adding on Vinted. In addition, the size of the package may depend on the shipping price. Fill in the correct size for your package. The different sizes available are as follows:

  • Small = less than 500g
  • Medium = less than 1 KG
  • Large = less than 2 KG

Carriers to transfer a Vinted package

Adding an item requires the seller to choose how to send the package. Then, when purchasing said item, the buyer can choose the carriers that suit him. To send a Vinted package, you can select:

  • Colissimo
  • Shop2Shop
  • Global relay
  • Chronopost

How do I send a Vinted package by post?

To send a Vinted package by post, you can use two means: Shop2Shop and Colissimo.

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How to send a Vinted parcel by parcel relay (Shop2Shop)?

Once the customer’s choice is made on Shop2Shop, a slip is created simultaneously with it in your conversation. A copy of the slip is sent to your email address.

Then you need to print the label for the shipment. Then take care to stick it on the package. Finally, drop it off in the pickup point closest to you. And this within five working days. Please keep your receipt to avoid any inconvenience later.

Shop2Shop has a large network of 15,000 relays. For this, you no longer need to go to the post office. Your package is delivered between 2 and 4 days after its deposit.

The prices offered by Shop2Shop according to the weight of the package are as follows:

  • 1 kg: 4.5 €
  • from 1 kg to 4 kg: € 6.95
  • over 4 kg to 10 kg: € 13.90
  • + from 10 kg to 20 kg: € 19.90

How to send a Vinted parcel by Colissimo?

If the customer wishes to be delivered via Colissimo, you have the choice between going to the post office or using the online service. The second option would be the best. Indeed, you do not need to move. You enter the weight and coordinates, you will receive a tracking code for your package. You must pass it on to your client. Finally, you must print the packing slip and paste it on the package. Make sure the bar code is readable.

In addition, the shipping costs must be paid in advance. When the customer receives the package, you are automatically reimbursed. In other words, your Vinted wallet is credited with the price of the package + shipping costs. You can also make the shipment via your mailbox. As long as you have one.

send a Vinted package

How to ship a Vinted parcel by Chronopost?

To send Vinted parcels to the buyer, Chronopost also uses Shop2Shop and its network throughout the country. A very reasonable transport cost.

Ship a Vinted package with Mondial Relay

Once you have chosen Global Relay to buy it, Vinted will send you a message regarding your product with a packing slip. Then you just need to print the slip, then stick it on your package. Finally, drop it off in a Global Relay. You don’t have to do any more, everything is set up automatically.

Delay to send a Vinted package

When a customer purchases your product, after you print the packing slip. The deadline for sending the package is 5 days.

How to pack your Vinted package

Take care to properly package your package. You have the option of using cardboard or a box capable of protecting its contents. Please also protect the package before putting it into the carton. The packaging of the parcel should not be neglected. Indeed, sometimes the buyer receives damaged packages. The latter is obliged to return it because of its defective condition.

The Vinted parcel return policy

You have the option of having the package purchased on Vinted returned. For this, the package must be damaged during delivery, a false description of the package. By proof sent to the seller, Vinted is responsible for freezing the money until the problem is resolved. In addition, a refund is quite possible.