How to see who saves my Instagram photos

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Instagram is one of the most used applications on Android worldwide. Millions of people have a profile on the social network, where they regularly upload photos and videos. Your followers in the app will be able to see those photos, as well as anyone (if you have an open profile). There may be people who save your photos on their devices, if there are any that they like, for example. Therefore, something desired by many is power see who saves my Instagram photos.

Next we will tell you more about this topic. If you wish see who saves my Instagram photos and the way this is possible. Since it is something that for many users in the social network is a concern and they would like to have access to this type of information. So we tell you what can be done in this regard.

Can I see who saves my Instagram photos?


Instagram has the ability to save photos that other people upload in their accounts, that is, if we have seen something that has interested us, we can save that photo or publication, so that we will not lose it and so if we want to see it again at another time, it will be available in our account. It is a function that most of you probably already know on the social network, and that you have probably used on occasion as well.

In addition, it may also be the case that there are people who take screenshots of our photos On Instagram. Even if someone has an app on the phone or on the PC with which it is possible to download those photos that we have uploaded in our account on the social network. A download that takes place without our knowing anything about it. This is somewhat annoying for many users, as the intentions of the person downloading that photo are unknown.

For this reason, many wonder if it is possible to see who saves my Instagram photos. This is something that is possible in part, if we take into account the situations or options that we have mentioned in this case. Next we tell you the options that the social network gives us to see if someone has saved our photos.

Downloads or screenshots

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It is very likely that someone who enters our profile take a screenshot on your phone or PC from a photo that we have uploaded in our account on Instagram. This is something that we cannot see at any time. That is, we do not know if a person has taken a screenshot of the photo or not, in any of the versions of the social network. So it is impossible for us to be able to see who saves my Instagram photos at least if that person has used this method, if they have taken a screenshot. The social network does not issue notifications in these types of situations, so we cannot use it.

On the other hand, it is not possible to see who saves my Instagram photos, if that person uses an app or extension to download the photos that are uploaded in our account. We may have uploaded a photo that someone wants to have on their device, for whatever reason. In order to download that image, this person is going to use an application with which it is possible to download it to their device. Again, this is a situation in which we do not have control nor do we know what happens, since we will not know if that person downloads that photo, unless they tell us themselves.

Instagram does not notify, simply because they do not have the capacity to do so, if someone has used an app to download that photo from our account on their devices or if they have taken a screenshot of a photo that we have uploaded. So if someone has made that decision and through an app or extension they have downloaded a photo, we will not know anything. Nor if they have made that screenshot.

Save photos to Instagram

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The third option that we have available on Instagram is to save a publication from another account, something that we have already mentioned. It is a function that we can see andn the bottom right of a photo on Instagram, where we get an icon that is to save. If we click on it we can save that publication that we have seen on any page, account or profile. By using this function, we will be allowed to see that publication at any other time, since it has been saved in the saved section of our account. It is a way of saving something that interests us or if we want to see it later, or that perhaps we want to show someone and thus it is faster to be able to do it, for example.

This is a function that is used a lot in the application, by all types of users. This makes it possible for people to use it to save photos that we have uploaded to our account. If they have seen something that is of their interest, they can use this option and save that photo or publication to see it then whenever they want in their accounts. This is something that we will be able to see. That is, it is a function where the social network does allow us to see who is saving my Instagram photos. So we can use it in this case to our advantage.

It is something that can be seen if you have a professional account on Instagram. People who have a company profile on the social network will be able to see how many people have saved any of the photos they have uploaded. So this is something that you can easily see, as you will be notified if someone has saved any photos that have been uploaded to your account. This is exactly what many of you are looking for, to be able to know if someone has done this, which is something that through the use of a company account on the social network is made possible in a simple way. Therefore, the only thing to do in this case is to switch to using a professional account on Instagram.

Switch to company account

Those who have a professional account will see how Instagram provides a lot of data to these accounts. A number of extremely useful statistics are provided, as information about your followers (division by sex or area of ​​residence, age groups, tastes …), as well as being able to see if they save photos that you have uploaded in your account. So if you change from a normal account to a normal account to a company account, you will be able to see who keeps my Instagram photos. This is something you can do by following these steps:

  1. Open Instagram on your phone.
  2. Click on your profile picture.
  3. Click on the three horizontal stripes at the top right of the screen.
  4. Go into Settings.
  5. Log into Account.
  6. Descend to the end.
  7. Click on Switch to professional account.
  8. Follow the steps indicated on the screen.
  9. Click on Accept to already have your professional account.

With these steps we already have a professional account on the social network. Thanks to it we can have information about our followers, as well as everything that happens in our account. One of those data is how many people save the photos we upload. So every time someone saves a photo, the social network will notify us of this. It is information that can be of help to us to see if there are photos that have special popularity or interest of users on Instagram. Of course, only if you have a business account can you see it, although it is possible that not all users will be able to switch to a business account on Instagram and thus have access to this information.

Beware of scams

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Only through that professional account is it possible to see who saves my Instagram photos. Currently there is no other method that will give us access to this information. Although unfortunately, you may go to see on the Internet pages where methods are promised that in a simple or surprising way will give you access to this data and thus you will be able to see at all times if someone saves your photos and know what people are doing this. This is something that generates a lot of interest from users, but it is a scam and you have to be careful.

Web pages or applications that promise to show you who saves your photos on Instagram do not work. They are a scam, since in many cases they ask you to provide a lot of personal data or access your account on the platform through them. The only thing they are looking for is to have access to your data, so you have to distrust and not make use of these pages.