How to see the battery of AirPods on Android

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Apple AirPods are very popular headphones on the market, also among Android users. Many users with phones with the Google operating system have these headphones, as they prefer them to other options on the market. Although they are somewhat compatible, there are certain functions that can be somewhat problematic. It is the case of being able to see the battery of the AirPods in Android.

Many users are unaware how can you see the battery of the AirPods on Android. Next we will talk more about this matter. We show you the options we have available to power the battery of these wireless headphones on Android devices. Thus, if you use these wireless headphones from Apple with an Android smartphone or tablet, you will be able to know how this is possible at any time.

Charging case light de the AirPods

AiPods battery status light

The first way to see the battery of AirPods on Android it is simply to look at the charging case of the headphones themselves. If the AirPods are inside the case and the lid is open, it will be possible to see that there is a light that is the one that will indicate the charging status of the headphones. In the event that the headphones are not in the case, the light in the case indicates only the charging status of the case in question. This is a method that allows us to see the battery status of both in a very simple way.

The green light that is shown is the one that will indicate Since the state of charge is complete, there is more than one charge left, so we will not have to worry too much about the battery percentage. It can also be the case that what we have before us is an orange light, in which case it indicates that there is less than a full charge left, either in the headphones themselves or in their case.