how to search from a photo | inverted image

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Did you know that with Google you are able to search from a photo on the internet, on your computer, on Android and also on your iPhone. This option is very practical to find a place, an object or even unmask a scammer.

Indeed, some people use fake Facebook, Instagram, Twitter profiles. These accounts use photos of others with a different name. And with a simple google image search with the profile picture, you will have the necessary information. Indeed, you will find the answers on the image concerned. You will easily avoid scams on dating services, instagram, facebook.

Reverse image search is a key tool to check for false information, poison. You won’t have a hard time finding a person in the picture. Indeed, you don’t need to be an expert in computer security to search from a photo. Or know that the reverse image search is fully used.

In addition, you have the option to search from a photo on all available platforms. Especially on Windows, MacOS as well as Linux, etc.

You can also receive images on WhatsApp or Messenger. To get the source, use the search option from an image on Google. But how does this happen?

Google Image Search Using Computer

To do a Google search from a photo on any website. You must first download the extension Search by Image (by Google). This extension is available on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

To do a google search from a photo, you must:

  1. Place the mouse cursor on the image (the image is that of the search)
  2. Right click on the image
  3. Choose the option Search Google with this image (A new window in google will open with your search. If the image is verified, Google will provide the actual dimensions of the image. It will also provide similar images and websites that have the same image.)

It is possible to perform a search with Google Image, this time you just have to copy the URL of the image in the Google image bar. Or import an image from your laptop.

how to search from a photo

Do a reverse image search with android

There is a google image search option on android and iOS to search with a photo. This option is not popular with mobile users. For simple reason, many do not know that this option exists. So follow how to get this search option.

I am using an android phone for the example. Before going any further, you must:

  • open your internet browser and go to Google.
  • Click on the 3 dots at the top left of the browser
how to search from a photo
  • Check the box ” computer version
reverse image search
  • Click on the image option
  • Click on the icon camera in the Google search bar
google image search
  • Choose the image search option that suits you. You have the option to use the URL of the photo. For that, you have to right click on the image. Then click on copy image address. Finally, you need to paste the address into the search field. You have the possibility to import the photo directly from the memory of your android.
search by image - from a photo

On android, you can also do a Google search from a photo. You just have to press on the image in question for a few moments. A context menu will appear, you just have to click on the option search for the image on google.

How to search by image with an iPhone

Searching from a photo with an iPhone is much easier and faster. Indeed, if you use an iPhone, in a few clicks, you have the result of your reverse image search.

To do a google image search with an iPhone, you need to:

With Safari

  • Safari is the default web browser you use on iPhone. Start it, then put it in the computer version. To do this, you must click on aA near the address bar.
google iphone image search
computer version of safari
  • Then you have to go on Google Image. Then click on the camera icon to switch to image search mode.
iphone image search
  • You have the possibility to paste the url of the image. And import an image to your iPhone. To do this, you must click on open a file.
iphone reverse image search

With google chrome

  • Install the Google Chrome browser for iPhone. For this you need to go to the App Store. Then search “Google chrome”.
  • Once the installation is complete, please launch chrome. Then go to the web page that contains your image. Press the image for a while. You will have a menu, press » search for this image on google “.
google iphone image search
  • You will get a list showing the corresponding and similar images to your picture. For more details, visit the pictures.

How to search from a photo on Google Lens

Google Lens allows you to search from a photo stored on your android smartphone and iPhone. The google app is available on the app and Play Store.

Some tools to do a reverse image search

Reversee: Search by Image

This app is available on iOS. It uses search engines like Google, Yandex and Bing. It remains a superb alternative for iPhone users.

It is a web application allowing you to search by image. For this you can either use the image address or import an image to your hard drive. Or even use keywords. In addition, it also has several interesting filters.

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What to remember, you have the possibility to search from a photo in more ways. We used a computer, android, iPhone to search by image on Google. In addition, there are also other third party applications capable of obtaining corresponding images.

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