How to schedule the sending of SMS in Google Messages

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Google messages schedule delivery

Google messages is an application that many Android users in Spain use as their default SMS app. This application is kept updated on a regular basis, introducing new functions. One function that we have been using in the application for a few months is SMS scheduling.

Google Messages allows users on Android schedule the sending of an SMS. Thus, if you want a person to receive that message at a specific time, you can schedule it to be sent at a specific time or date, so you don’t have to worry about sending it at that time.

Schedule the sending of an SMS in Google Messages

Google messages schedule

This function is similar to the option to schedule the sending of an email in Gmail. Both the operation and the interface have certain similarities, something that should not be a surprise, since they are both Google apps. If you want to schedule the sending of an SMS in Google MessagesYou will only have to have the most recent version of the application installed on your Android mobile. The steps we have to follow in this case are:

  1. Open Google Messages on your mobile.
  2. Go to the conversation where you want to schedule that message.
  3. Write the SMS.
  4. Once written, press and hold on the send icon.
  5. A box will appear to schedule your shipment.
  6. Select when to send this SMS, there are several suggestions at the top in the box.
  7. If you want to send it on a different date, click on Choose date and time.
  8. Choose the date.
  9. Click next.
  10. Select the time.
  11. Click on save.

Google messages schedule SMS

The steps are simple and as you can see, Google messages presents some suggestions with moments in which to schedule the sending of said message. Although if you want, you can choose another date or a specific time in which you want said SMS to be sent to that person. The interface is easy to use, so such programming will not cause you problems.

How to schedule the sending of SMS in Google Messages 1

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