How to save the tickets of purchase with Warranty Sured

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If we get to that fateful moment in which it disappears that proof, this app we will solve the problem thanks to your record of purchases. And I don’t just mean the purchase of clothes, but also smartphones -such as could not be otherwise – and also to many more.

Don’t ever worry about taking care of that role

It is an app that plays the role of a cloud to safeguard all kinds of tickets and also purchase invoices, in which we recorded the acquisitions and that we can download whenever we want. It is divided by product categoriessuch as home, sport and leisure, technology or health.

Keep in mind that the app takes a little running timein fact it is in its version 1.1, so there are still many categories to be added. However, there is a section of suggestions for the products that we can find, and the developers will be including.

If we have made a purchase and want to proceed to save it, we must follow a simple process. We go where it says “New Product”, and then we will see the main categories available. As an example, let’s take the category of “Technology” and more specifically “Smartphones”, where we simulate the purchase of an Android phone.

Warranty Sured - Manager of Warranties
Warranty Sured - Manager of Warranties

Once there, we must fill out a form with all the data on the device: brand, model, serial number…are Also mandatory fields to fill in the date of purchase, how many months enjoys warranty and the price. Finally, we can take a picture of the ticket or the invoice of purchase, and when we finish, will be all the recorded data ready for download at any time.

It has more advantages… And they’re all free

This is a start-up Spanish, so, to gain a foothold in the sector, should get it with unique features. There is nothing to paysimply we can enjoy all its benefits. In the first place, we can add all the purchases you want without any limit, in addition to that the app reminds us just a month before we are out of the warranty of the product, that is why it is important to add in the form of exact shape. On the other hand, all these functions we have described in the day of today, can be done completely free of charge, since it contains no purchases in app or a premium version.