How to revive all characters

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Table of Contents

Genshin Impact

Can you really revive characters?

One of the many activities that we can perform in Genshin Impact as part of the sandbox component that the game offers us, is the fact that can cook, in addition to processing ingredients. Despite the fact that a priori it may seem like a mechanic included only as a curiosity, it will not take long to discover that it is very useful for get healthy of our characters and even be able to revive them if they fall in combat.

How to revive our characters in Genshin Impact

There are specific items that you can use in your inventory to bring them back. To find it, open your bag and look in the different foods that you have for objects that revive the characters. These will be different from the ones that heal your party members and even your own character.

genshin impact revive characters
One of the cooked foods that will help us revive our characters are fried eggs or barbecued steaks. Both recipes are very simple, since we only need find a fresh egg or meat, which can appear when killing various animals, although it does not work with monsters that we find throughout the map. Then, when we approach a pot, which has to be lit and with fire at the bottom, we can cook them following the instructions that appear on the screen.

It is simply a minigame in which we must stop the cooking meter at the indicated point to get the resulting food to be “Perfect”. Thus, in such a simple way, we will have meals ready to revive.

genshin impact kitchen revive characters

To use them we must go to Game menu and select the inventory option to access our bag of objects, weapons and others. There we will find all the dishes that we have cooked, so we just have to select the fried egg or the steak and give it to the dead character. Since we can “pause” the game to enter the menu, at least in solo mode, we recommend doing so if we are in trouble facing a very powerful enemy and we need to recover our units to continue fighting.