How to return a Vinted item easily

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Vinted is the platform par excellence for second-hand, second-hand sales. Certainly, several items are sold daily. However, some items are subject to a return by the buyer. And yes, you read correctly :-). Indeed, it is possible to return a Vinted item in some cases and even get a refund.

What are the conditions for returning a Vinted item?

You have the option of returning a Vinted package under the following conditions:

  • You received a damaged item after delivery. This can be done during transport, the item can often be very damaged.
  • If the item is different from the description given by the seller.

So, you can return a Vinted item only in two situations and get a refund. On the other hand, if the products are not to your liking or the size does not suit you, Vinted does not accept returns in these cases. However, you have the option of interacting with the seller in order to find a solution. In case of agreement, you will find the solution for the delivery.

If you believe that the delivered item is a counterfeit, is not original. You must contact Vinted directly. A team will take care of the verification. You should know that the sale of non-genuine product is prohibited on this platform.

The procedure for returning a package on Vinted

Beforehand, the seller is your first point of contact. Indeed, it is with him you must discuss so that he agrees to reimburse you. In the event of an agreement, he will undoubtedly ask for a return of the damaged package. Return the damaged item as received on delivery.

In general, for returning packages to Vinted, you must pay the delivery costs. The rates will be applied according to your choice of carrier.

If you disagree with the seller, you should contact Vinted directly. The Vinted team will find an agreement to reimburse you. It would be a good idea to take pictures of the damaged package. This could be useful during the return process.

How do I return a Vinted item by mail?

To return a Vinted package by post, you have two options: Use Colissimo online or Shop2Shop.

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Return a Vinted package with Colissimo online

This colissimo carrier has a platform directly online. No need to leave your house anymore. Indeed, you must complete your order, then print the slip. Then stick the good on the packaging of the article.

If you have a standardized mailbox, you can return the package from your box. Otherwise, you just have to go to the post office to drop off your package.

Return a Vinted parcel by Shop2Shop

For this carrier, you must define the weight of the package, then return to the relay point, then give your contact details (yours and those of the seller). Print and stick the label on the package.

Can I return a Vinted item?

A Vinted item can be returned to the seller for a refund. For this, the item must be damaged during delivery or the item does not look like its description given by the seller. For any other situation, you must negotiate with the seller.