How to retrieve the account reset of Garena Free Fire

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Table of Contents

To be more exact, the developers of the game generally ban those accounts immediately, without the possibility of the player to be able to respond. However, there is a solution to untangle this whole problem and return to enjoy our account as we did prior to the problem.

Source of the problem and method to fix it

Everything is based by a misunderstanding between Garena and players, in the majority of cases. It turns out that the developers penalize very severe to the hackers trying to gain the listillos to win games, and that is very good. The problem comes when it also includes players who have played clean, but have committed the ‘error’ logging in to two different devices, when we already know that the game is associated with a particular device.

Garena Free Fire: Kalahari
Garena Free Fire: Kalahari

Once in this situation, the process of recovering that account is only one. In other words, the only method is to contact with the technical service of Garena, and to justify why we have not deserved that kind of punishment. We have not discovered the secret of life, but it is a process that requires a good preparation for the company to creator of a game can be sure that we have wrong with us.

How to apply for the recovery of the account

As is obvious, the first thing we need to do is access your web page, which we leave in this article for ease of use, and nothing more enter we can change the language. Next, we turn to the section “Support” to access “Accounts and Access”, which is a little further down. We will have to sign in with our Google account, or Microsoft.

How to retrieve the account reset of Garena Free Fire 1

From that menu, slide down to the bottom of where it is located a section called “account Recovery”, because this is the one that allows you to retain the data and the progress that we already had. Before continuing, we must create a new account of Facebook for the gamedue to that all data of the old account transferred to this new one. Once you have done that, we headed to the bottom, in an option that displays “Send request”.

Support page of Garena

This step is very importantbecause that is the form with which we are going to describe our justification, and payments made in the game. As a matter of the application, we will click on “I Need help to retrieve my information”, and in problem, select “I Cannot access my account of Facebook”. In the description of the problem, we discussed what has happened to us really for not being able to access, if we have hacked the account, if another person has entered with our session, etc

How to retrieve the account reset of Garena Free Fire 2

Next, we need to fill other issues such as the ID of the player, if we have made purchases in the game, the model of our smartphone or tablet associated with the game, the operating system and the region to which we belong. Finally, and if possible, it would be advisable to attach a screenshot with our ID and the name we bear in the game. After all this process, the developers will send us an e-mail that they have already received the request, and in a few days can re-establish the account with all our progress.