How to restore factory the Xiaomi Mi Band

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The Xiaomi Mi Band are the bracelets of activity more popular in Spain over the years, despite the fact that each time they meet with more competition in the market. As with any other device, there are occasions that a problem may arise in the bracelet, and you can fix it by restoring to factory the same.

Also if you plan to give your wristband to someone or you want to sell, restore factory the same is something recommended, since you will delete all data of the same, leaving it to return to its original state. Although many users are unaware of the steps to follow to restore a Xiaomi Mi Band. For this reason, we show the steps to follow below to do this.

Restore the Xiaomi Mi Band factory

This process can be done in two different ways. It is possible to do so from the settings of the own bracelet, which allows you to be pretty quick to be able to do this. In addition to being able to do this from the app on the phone which syncs the bracelet, and we can control. Each user can choose the desired method in this sense.

From the bracelet

How to restore factory the Xiaomi Mi Band 1

The bracelets have a section of settings that we can use, where we find the function for you can restore factory the same. This implies, as in the case of a telephone, that all data will be erase from the Xiaomi Mi Band. So that it will return to its original state. The steps to do this are:

  1. Tap on your screen.
  2. Swipe until you get to the section More.
  3. Enter in this section.
  4. Look for the Settings.
  5. Enter the section Reset to factory.
  6. Confirms this action.
  7. Expected to complete the reset.

When the process has finished be asked to re-link the bracelet with the phonethat is the indicator that the wrist returned to its original state. So you are already list in case you want to sell it or give it to someone.

From the app on the mobile

How to restore factory the Xiaomi Mi Band 2

To synchronize the Xiaomi Mi Band to your phone, and be able to see all the data collected by the bracelet on the mobile, we make use of an app. This application is My Fit, which in this case will also serve us help to be able to restore to the factory bracelet, if you prefer to do it from the phone. The steps to restore the bracelet from the factory using this method are:

  1. Open the app My Fit on the phone.
  2. Enters Profile.
  3. Click on the name of the bracelet.
  4. Go to Settings.
  5. Down to the end.
  6. Tap Unlink.
  7. Confirmed.
  8. Expected data is deleted from the bracelet.

This process is simple as well and is not going to take a long time, with the result that the wrist has been restored to factory, and returning to its original state. To do this, you can see that in the app already does not come out this braceletso that will not be already synchronized both devices.

How to restore factory the Xiaomi Mi Band 3

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